Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beaded Fringe and Silk Ribbon Flowers, Oh My!

In 1995 I made a couple of silk ribbon embroidered pillows. One of them is done on black fabric with a leaf design in it...very subtle. The fabric came from a bag of "fancy fabrics" I purchased from the flea market. I just had to use it as I thought it would make a very dramatic embroidered pillow.

I wanted to do it in silk ribbon embroidery. It had to have roses, at least some of them had to be a very soft variegated pink, and I wanted to use lots of beads. While designing the embroidery, I decided that the pillow had to have a beaded fringe, for two reasons - #1 I like making it and #2 with a lot of fringe around the pillow, just holding it would make me feel good. I am a very tactile person...aren't you?

So, I made the pillow that you see here. It's approximately seven inches square. The fringe is two and a half inches long. And, yes, you DO have to count each bead when making this type of fringe. Had I chosen to make the fringe in random lengths, I would not have had to count the beads....but since I wanted every bit of the fringe to match...well, I had to count. I have been asked how long it took to make this pillow. What an awful question! If I knew (in advance) how long it took - I probably would never do this kind of thing. Well, now, that's not true. I've got a pretty good idea, at this stage in life, just how long this kind of work takes and I'm going to keep doing it anyway!! Let's see - til all hell freezes over, til the cows come home, til pigs fly, til my eyes fail me, til my fingers no longer work and the spirit is no longer willing...and even then, it will be hard to give it up!!!

I've also been asked why I do this kind of tedious work....I guess some people just think it's silly to sit and work on one little thing for so long. Especially something that isn't necessary to life. The only thing I can say is it's not tedious to me and it is necessary to MY life! I love it, am passionate about it and for me, making it, then sharing it with other people is vital. Ever since I saw my first bit of embroidery, crochet and quilting I knew that is what I wanted to do. And, then later, when beading came along, I knew I wanted to do it too....all of those things....all the time. And, here I am.

When I was three, I kept trying to sweep my grandmother's front porch with her big broom. The next thing you know, I was given a child's little broom and I was in heaven. (Imagine that!!) Shortly thereafter, I told my Mother and Grandparents that "I was born to sweep!!" I loved sweeping that front porch. I still rather enjoy using a broom. And, since I first saw all that needlework, I knew I was born to do it also.

Tedious? Not to me. Silly or a waste of time...never! It's a complete joy. I think it shows in the work. What do you think? Take care out there! Pat


Unknown said...

SWOON! That is all so gorgeous! I can't get over that gorgeous fringe and the beautiful Silk Ribbon Embroidery! :)

Melody Marie Murray said...

Oh, it's wonderful! And I'm so with you on loving work that a lot of people find tedious. There are those of us born to count little bitty beads, and those of them not. :-) Never a waste of time!

Bethany said...

It's gorgeous and the beads set it off beautifully. I love the china behind it. I have a couple of pieces with the same pattern. At least it looks like the same pattern. I can't think of the name right now as mine are packed in the basement. said...

Pat, when I think of you doing this I don't think of tedious, the word soothing comes to mind. It totally helps you remain sane in insane times. I am so glad you found you loved this work because as you know it inspires me and gives me great joy to see what you create.

AngelDoll said...

WOW...your work is "HEAVENLY, BEAUTIFUL, SERENIITY" all wrapped into one! I am speechless. Your SRE is awe-inspiring...if only I could stitch like this. Thank you for sharing!

Charmingdesigns said...

What a beautiful beautiful blog!! Your work is just beautiful! Laurie

Gayle said...

My amazing candlstick pincushion kit arrived perfect condition. Thank you so much! It is wonderful and I love the box and the beautiful purple bloom (what a great idea) and the book.
Everything was perfect down to the choice in fabric. Thank you

This is such a lovely post...incredible silk embroidery!

supplies overflowing! said...

What wonderful detailing.
I understand your thinking- what we are and what we feel, and how we express ourselves, all come from deep down within. It is what makes us who we are!
~I love your creations~

Anonymous said...

Pat, can I come and see you and hold that pillow and gaze at the embroidery while I run my fingers through the fringe?!?

Sherry in Little Rock

Poppy Cottage said...

Pat you do such beautiful work and it is truly inspirational to others. I think we have to find our own thing that brings us comfort, joy and sanity. My husband does not mind one bit that I keep buying fabric to quilt because his philosophy is "it's cheaper than a therapist".

So keep up the good work and keep inspiring us!


Letitia said...

I've seen that pillow in person and it is incredible! It IS necessary to your life - to your soul - and to the lives of your friends that realize great joy from your beautiful work. Blessings ~ Letitia

qwerty said...

Beautifully said!! Art feeds the soul. If detailed, time-consuming work feeds your soul then keeping doing it :) The hours we spend hand stitching is no different than the hours others spend playing video games, playing sports, watching t.v., etc. Whatever gives you pleasure! And in my experience, those who ask why anyone would spend hours on something 'trivial' or 'unnecessary' are the same people that spend HOURS doing nothing but sitting in front of the tube.

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