Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Flowers

I've mentioned before that I'm not much of a gardener and it's very true. I try. However, I love working in the Nest which takes a lot of time, so time for gardening just doesn't much exist around here. I LOVE flowers and can SEW them quite well....but GROW them...not so much. I take as many photos of flowers around here as I possibly can...they are inspirational, both to my spirit and, again, when I need design and color ideas for my work.

Today, I thought I would just show you some of the great flowers here these days. They don't last long, so are very special to me. I hope you enjoy them too.

Zinnias in an old galvanized tub. (Yes, there are holes drilled in the bottom of the tub!!) I love zinnias...such an old-fashioned, simple and straightforward flower. Can you see Lazy-Daisy stitches here?

Oh, my goodness! beautiful! And, these have a lovely smell too. Picked for me by "that old Navy guy" I live with.
Close-ups are so revealing....the lights and darks. Maybe you see, as I do, satin stitches here.

The Gerbera Lollipop! Huge blooms. So detailed. Love the million little "petals" in each one. Do you see French Knots, Straight Stitches, and more Lazy Daisy stitches? Do you see embroidery floss, silk threads, perle cotton? I do.

Not a lot growing here at the moment, but enough to inspire me for quite a while. (There are some hydrangeas, one of my very favorites. Not fully blooming yet...stay tuned!) Are you inspired...if I might garden or to sew? Either way...I hope you enjoyed the visit. Take care. pat


Poppy Cottage said...

The flowers are beautiful Pat! Thank you for sharing.


Unknown said...

Not only are those beautiful flowers, but the photos are very artsy! Love the angles! :)

Judy said...

I love hydrangeas too. I can hardly wait until yours bloom. Your flowers are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your flowers, they really made me smile. Sandi said...

Your flowers were beautiful in person too. When I get my computer back I will share the ones in the Memphis Botanical Gardens I took yesterday. You sure can translate flowers into embroidery art. Love it.

Elenka said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos !

juliaD said...

Hi Pat, wish I had an old navy guy to pick roses for me...your pics are lovely, so bright and full of life..esp the gerbera...thks for sharing your love fo flowesr with us, I too love roses, roses, roses, but have always loved wisteria and gerberas as much I you I'm not great in the garden myself, but better at embroidering them or painting them...

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