Friday, May 22, 2009

My Quilt Pieces, Two Guys, and an Apron

Some years ago I chose some fabrics and set out to piece a quilt. You've done it too....bought fabric, cut the pieces out, started the piecing and then realized you just didn't like it. For some reason you can never really put your finger just don't want to finish it. Haven't you been there? Oh, come on! (Of course, you have!!!)

This is exactly what happened to me when I chose this purple and green selection of fabrics. It did not turn me on. So, I did what some of us would just naturally do - gave the entire lot, pieces and all, to a friend! If you read this blog probably already have guessed that I gave them to Jim. And, then, Time marched on.

Yesterday, our monthly Knot meeting was held in my Nest in the backyard. Jim came and brought something to work on, as he usually does. It turns out he had pieced together those purple and green pieces "from way back when" and made a quilt top. Then, our mutual friend, Tom, took the quilt top and quilted it on his new, long-arm quilting machine "for practice." Jim has taught art in the public school system for over 30 years and is now teaching in private school. Tom is a graphic artist living in Houston. Tom was a student of Jim's. Many years later, they are very good friends with a mutual interest in quilting. Good for me, as I am a quiltmaker, too, and friends with both of them. We don't get to see Tom very often, but it's a treat when we do. There is a close-up of his quilting here...notice how wonderful it is...practice, indeed!!!

I think it's really neat that a quilt I just wasn't interested in completing has turned out so well and it was made by two guys I really think a lot of...I'm sure none of my UFO's will ever again have such a wonderful end.

Jim swore on his arrival yesterday that he wasn't leaving my house til the binding was on that quilt. And, the label. He did manage to finish both. While the rest of us were working/talking/laughing/Jim went over to my sewing machine and busied himself for a bit....we had no idea what he was doing. Turns out he was making a tiny little apron for ME. You can see it right little, so cute!! Look at that tiny pocket! The apron is five inches tall, the pocket is one and a quarter inches tall x one inch wide. What a guy! (Thanks again, Jim!)

A great quilt...two great guys...that special apron....a wonderful end to a long ago dilemma of what to do with "that" fabric!
Take care, Pat


Poppy Cottage said...

What a great looking quilt Pat. And what a special treat that Jim and Tom completed it. The apron is too cute!

Thank you for sharing,

Unknown said...

The quilt turned out alright! What a cute apron. It's hard to tell how tiny it is without something to compare it to, but I'll take your word for it that it's tiny.

:) said...

The quilt is beautiful and you know those 2 guys love you a lot. My guess is it never appealed to you because of too much blue and not enough green. The apron is so cute and I can't wait to see it Tuesday.

Gayle said...

Not only would I love to meet you someday...I'd love to meet your friends! You have some wonderful people in your life. By the way, love the quilt!

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