Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Surprise Flowers, A Surprise Visit, and Work in Progress

Sometimes a person just has multiple subjects to talk about and this post is one of those where I just have to talk about several different things. You know how it goes!

I've been trying to be more efficient, and not procrastinate so much. Have I ever told you that I love to "piddle around," and therefore, am a horrible procrastinator? Oh, it is so true. I guess I just love playing around in the Nest almost as much as being productive in the I live in a constant state of being behind in just about everything. So, this week, I have really been trying to get things done.

In the midst of all this activity, my husband made an appearance in the Nest the other day bearing a vase containing some tiny white flowers. He had been out "surveying his kingdom" and found one of the shrubs in the back blooming, went into the house, got a vase, cut some flowers and brought them in to me. How sweet is that? Even sweeter, because the day before he brought in three roses! You can see them here. Pretty, aren't they? I took a closeup of one of them....just so beautiful! He always does things like this...and I think, for two reasons: #1- He's just a really nice guy! And, #2, he knows he will probably get in trouble later, so it's insurance against me getting too irritated. It works, I guess, as we're still married after all these years and we'd both like it to stay that way. One thing you should know...we are terrible at gardening, but we do appreciate what plants manage to survive our meager efforts. And, that old Navy guy.....he's just the BEST!!!

You all know I've been up to my ears in making pincushions this year...and I'm still going! Just love it! Here is one "in progress." It hasn't been "glorified" yet....but will be soon. I have some custom orders - pincushions and the like, so lots of thought going on around here regarding these little jewels. I don't know how you would approach it, but I love dreaming up different things regarding the glorifying!!!! I'll show you this one when it's finished.

Also, here is a sample of my candlestick collection....there are many more. At some point, each of these will become a pincushion and appear here, or in my etsy shop. Love finding these things at the flea market and anywhere else I happen to see them. Tomorrow I am going "out and about" to look for more...and that old Navy man is going with me. It should be a fun day!

Now, about Mother's Day! I told you I'd tell you what happened here last Sunday. It was a weird day, hilarious in many ways. This stuff could only happen to me as I am prone to funny stuff happening to me. I woke up Sunday morning not feeling too well. The only thing on our schedule was to have supper at my daughter's house at 6:00 p.m. Since I didn't feel very well...not sick...just not great - I told my husband that I "just wasn't going to get dressed all day!" I figured I might take a nap, read all afternoon, you lazy! I never do that. Everytime I try to nap, or "just read all day" something happens. It's usually best I don't even think about it. (And let's don't even mention staying in your "night clothes" all day!!!) However, I DID think about it. Never did get that nap. Never did read all day. Just couldn't relax enough to do it. So, mid-afternoon, I told Richard that I was going out to the Nest to "piddle around a while." I thought I'd do that, then come in...take a nice shower, turn myself into a regular human being,then go to Kelly's for dinner. Sounded great to me.

So, just as I was starting to enjoy the piddling....I heard voices, looked out the window and saw two women. One was my friend, Carol Ann. The other was a total stranger. They open the door of the Nest and there I my nightgown, my robe, and socks! Horrors!!! (As I said...THIS COULD ONLY HAPPEN TO ME!!) It turns out the woman I didn't know was the quilting guild's "out of state" teacher, here from Los Angeles to teach and lecture in Little Rock. You know...the kind of person you'd try to impress...not shock!! The fabulous quiltmaker, Margarete Heinisch. She was very nice and I got to see some of her wonderful work. That was a treat! What wasn't a treat was the fact that I was embarrassed out of my mind! Well, you would have had to be here to actually "get the picture." Suffice it to say...I may never enjoy another day like that again, thinking someone may show up and catch me a little too "comfortable." Ah, Mother's Day. We were late getting to the daughter's house, as my unexpected guests didn't leave until after six, but that didn't matter. It turned out to be a nice visit from a new acquaintance, and my son-in-law and daughter prepared a wonderful meal for me, so all was well.

Oh, what a week! Unexpected visitors, surprise flowers from a sweet Navy guy, a great meal cooked by my wonderful children, and work to do that I love! Stay tuned....seems there is always something unexpected, and sometimes hilarious, happening here! Take care, Pat

7 comments: said...

Can't wait to see these candlesticks as they come alive from your beautiful handiwork. How sweet is Richard? I remember the day he went to the trouble of bringing us all coffee to the nest.
I would still go all day in my jammies if I wanted to. It just makes your company jealous.LOL

Gayle said...

You are married to a very sweet man. :-)
I laughed when I read about Mother's Day. Any time I block a day out for myself, decide to stay in jammies, and not worry about the house, that's always when someone shows up out of the blue.
Those candlesticks are beautiful. I didn't think of how varied these could be with different candle sticks! How Fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I enthusiastically agree with Brenda's last two sentences above. And besides, in this day of cell phones, anyone dropping by without calling first is just asking for trouble! I'm afraid that, at my house, the door would have gone unanswered! You were exceedingly gracious!

Sherry in Little Rock

Judy said...

What a cute post. I'd like a PJ day too. It just never happens around here either. You flowers are so beautiful. I'd keep Richard around too!! I love all of your candlesticks and can hardly wait for the pincushions. Your pincushions are amazing.

Christine said...

Pat, I've been caught many times in my comfortable but not glamorous dressing gown and nightdress by the postman (mailman). I often do several hours work early morning before I shower if I have a deadline.The delivery lady who brings big parcels too big for the postman comments when I DO have day clothes on, VBG, she's caught me so often now. For me the biggie is unshowered and my "bed hair", not so particular about the outfit. I bet all those folks who leave for their offices at 7 am are envious about now !!

Unknown said...

You hubby sounds like a sweetie! That is so nice that he brings you flowers. The part about the "insurance" for later made me chuckle.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful work on those candlesticks! :)

Poppy Cottage said...

How sweet is Richard! Those candlesticks are wonderful and I'm eyeing that plaid pincushion; how cute is that!!!


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