Monday, June 29, 2009

Gift to a Friend

Well, my blogging friends, it's a Monday....and while it is still's not quite as hot as it has been which is a blessing. I hope you are well.

When you get my age, you have an ailment here and there, so today, I visited my doctor. I should have gone to the clinic on Friday, but NO, I thought I'd "manage" until Monday. And, I did. But, don't you know I may have had a much nicer weekend had I gone, as I should have, on Friday. Not to worry, I will be fine, albeit a little uncomfortable until the meds really kick in.
Do you ever put off going to the doctor?

The reason I mention that is...I really don't feel very chatty tonight....but all day I thought "oh, I've got to post something tonight at the latest." You know I always feel neglectful when I feel late with a new post. And, I'm late!

So, please take at look at this pincushion and let it say some things for me....I hope you enjoy seeing it. I made it for my blogging friend, Gaby. I especially loved embroidering the blue heart and, as always....the French Knot flowers. Do you love French Knots as much as I do?

Hopefully, you will enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoy seeing all the beautiful things you make! And, as always, I'm thinking of you "out there." Do take care, have a good week....later this week, I will show you an ATC card also for Gaby....thanks, always, for the visit! pat


Maggie Ann said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Your pincushion is beautiful!!! I'm so glad I happened along and found your blog. Its very inspiring.

Unknown said...

That is lovely! Get better! :)

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

Pat, feel better soon! Being sick is no fun at all. Beautiful cushion. My french knots never look as good as yours!

AngelDoll said...

And Maggie Ann has the same words as I was going to write. Your blog was the first one I checked this morning and was pleasantly inspired once again! Your thoughtfulness in reaching out to people and friends, your making this beautiful pin cushion for Gaby. I hope you are feeling better soon and may the blessings you bestow to others be returned in plentitudes (don't know if that is the expression I wanted) to you, Pat. As ever:
Happy to be stitching C:

The Painted Nest said...

I love your pincushions, they're always so pretty!!! Who ever gets them are so blessed!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!~~~Blessings, Deborah

Mary said...

Whatever it is, I hope you're feeling better.

I love the pincushion - lucky Gaby! The blue French knots are just so girlie and pretty. And I always love anything with hearts. It's very sweet.

Quiltgal said...

Pat, I hope your meds kick in soon and that you will be in the pink.
The pin cushion is a work of art.

Unknown said...

Pat-amazing & beautifful (as always). Just finished my "secret sister" candlestick pincushion I made for a Yahoo Jo Morton pincushion exchange, based on your wonderful design. Thanks for the class & pattern.
p.s. Hope you feel better. Thanks for the camera info - I bought it last night. Went with another Canon & very pleased. said...

Glad you felt like posting and showing Gaby's beautiful pincushion. Your french knots are as beautiful as always.

Gaby Bee said...

This pincushion is just gorgeous and it's even more so in person:-)
I'm absolutely thrilled to own it!
Thanks again for this wonderful gift!!!
Whatever it is Pat, I hope you are feeling better very soon!

Hugs and Love,
Gaby xo

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