Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Second Saturday "Stuff" and an Upstairs Studio

Oh, I've been very busy!!! Last week, my sister and her husband visited and this week I have been working at our Second Saturday Studio. We are opening every Saturday until just before Christmas. It's an experiment to see if we will open every Saturday after the 1st of the year. Time will tell. Anyway, we've rearranged the furniture, and reassigned space in there for artist display, which required some hours there - that's why I haven't posted. That, and trying to begin and finish some of my projects. Deadlines, you know.

Tonight, I thought I'd show you my new spot at the Studio. I've been given this cute cabinet to use for a while and in it, you will see my 'for sale' pieces. You've seen them on my blog...but not displayed like this. I'm kind of pleased at how things look. On the top shelf, you will see one of my collages, a candlestick pincushion, and a pieced/silk ribbon embroidered pillow. On the middle shelf, there is an embroidered/quilted daisy pillow, an embroidered pink/white pincushion, and a doll dressed in vintage linens. The bottom shelf has three of my appliqued and embroidered landscapes.

Now, in the last photo.....all you see is a great big empty room. It's upstairs at the studio and we've rented it for use as artist studio spaces. There's room for at least half a dozen artists. We are excited about it. I took this photo before we began prep for 'moving in' so it's empty, but as of this moment, I have the far corner and the smallest of the artist's spaces for what I'm calling my 'Upstairs Studio." As you know, I don't need a space downtown, as I have a lovely, fun space right here at home which I refer to as my Backyard Studio - Bird Nest on the Ground. Even so, I was excited about having a 'little' space to escape to once in a while and spend some time working WITH other voices in the room. I don't think it ever hurts to spend some creative time with other artists, so I'm looking forward to doing just that. We've rented this space for a trial period to see how we like it and if it works for us. Bet it's going to be FUN!!! On a future post, I'll show you some photos of our individual spaces.

So, a busy week and a busy weekend coming up, as we are also having an Open House at the Studio on Sunday. Next week, I've got to finish a project with another of those deadlines, so, I'll see you asap - probably toward the end of next week. Do have a lovely weekend and take care out there. pat

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A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
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