Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Night at the Upstairs Studio

Life is getting busier around here! Bet yours is too! Last Friday night, we had our first 'Craft Night' at the Upstairs Studio. Micah had been having craft nights at a previous location, just a bunch of her friends having fun, one Friday night a month. After we began moving our own studios into the upstairs at Second Saturday Studio, she decided it was a good time to hold craft night up there. Kelly and Cheri decided they would go, so of course, I didn't want to miss out. I had to be there!

Since I don't drive at night....Kelly picked me up and brought me home. She's a very nice daughter. We brought food, drink, and lots of paper, trims, fabric, hardware, paint, you name it, to make our very own albums. I'm told there will be a different craft each month. I did not know very many of these GIRLS...yes...I was the oldest one there by 'decades' and had to work hard to keep up. There was no way I was going to work as slowly as I usually do, so I barely looked up the whole time. Oh, yes, there was much laughing, chatter, borrowing of album 'ingredients,' picture taking and as always with a group...eating. It was lots of fun.

So, here are some photos I took. #1 is the album I finished. My friend, Brenda, had given me this photo, the lace, buttons, mother-of-pearl button, French velvet ribbon and rhinestone piece are from my vast collection of flea market treasures. I learned to add a patina to those
screws and nuts used to fasten the book together. Boy, was that ever fun! As you can see, I did get something done. Not bad for an old lady!

Photo #2 I took of several of the girls working around our new group activity area. This place worked out well for Craft Night. We could make a big mess and it didn't matter a bit...lots of room to work. Some chose to work at the tall shelves we have on two sides. Counter height makes some work much easier. Photo #3, is our 'official' photographer, Kelly, and as you know, my sweet daughter. She's cool! And, FUN! Photo #4, assembling albums and having a great time. And, last, Photo #5 is the group shot Kelly took with my camera. She took many other photos with her camera...including a complete group shot with herself in it.

A great time was had by all! I don't know what we will make next month...but I know I will hopefully be there, laughing with all the girls again. I think this Upstairs Studio is going to be a popular place!! Thanks, Micah...y'all take care out there. pat

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Vivian said...

That sounds like a lot of fun.

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