Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mr. G's Quilts

In my last post, I promised to show you Mr. G's quilt closet. Now, I can't take quilts out of there and show them to you individually....but I can show you the closet and one or two of Mr. G's wonderful scrap quilts. Easy Peasy.

After years of storing quilts here, there and yon....Mr. G. decided to make a more suitable home for his many quilts by re-purposing the large closet in his front bedroom as quilt storage. A wise move it was, as now he KNOWS where they are. Which means I also know where they are....a fact which I think has not sunk into his head yet. Hmmmm.

As you can see in these photos, Mr. G. owns lots of quilts. I should not mislead you into thinking he has collected these quilts over the years at flea markets and the like. Well, he HAS done that, but also there are many,many quilts in his collection he made with his own hands and a very over-worked Bernina sewing machine. He is a prolific quiltmaker. Now, I believe just looking at the closet full of folded beauties is a turn-on for any quiltmaker, but I've also chosen to show you a couple of photos of Mr. G in action - "Show and Tell" from his studio balcony on one of our group meeting days....this one in February of this year. Yes, he has a balcony in his of his brilliant ideas to provide more storage....little did he know when planning this that the balcony would make a great place to 'show' a quilt.

Jim loves to make scrap quilts. In fact, I believe he is on #30-something for the year. People just seem to love giving him old or unwanted quilt pieces, squares they don't wish to complete, or even completed squares and the leftover fabrics they used so he can have a variety of 'scraps' to make these quilts. He doesn't turn them down and seems to be pretty darn creative in setting all these blocks together to invent 'new' quilts. Well, you'd just have to know him to understand the whole story...let it suffice to say that his goal for the year was 50 quilts and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he meets the goal. Now, having said that....I should also explain that many of them remain quilt TOPS. He does not always choose to quilt the tops or sometimes has a long-arm quiltmaker to do that step for him. Not to say he couldn't quilt them...he certainly is capable of doing that...but, he's a busy man and time runs you well know.

I've chosen a couple of photos, from that day at his studio, to show you a sampling of these scrap quilts. It's pretty amazing how he manages to come up with so many ways to put all these scraps together. I bet you are amazed. (Me, too, but don't tell him I said that!) If you'd like to see more of Mr. G's might want to visit his here. Just remember this...I've warned you.........

It's HOT here....have I mentioned how much I love and adore the wonderful invention of air-conditioning? Thank all you ENTERGY employees in my area for keeping me alive during the summer!!!!!! Take care out there, pat

(PS. While I LOVE getting comments from those who read my blog....I also like to respond to each one. If you have commented and have not received a response from means you commented 'anonymously' or left me no way to send you an email. Just so you know...I'd love to say thank you and/or give you more info, if you are interested!)


Bonnie said...

wow - he is the winner! Quite the quilter and quilter closet! What a great friend to have and inspire.

bonnie dot jobe 46 at gmail dot com

can't wait to visit his blog!

Julie Fukuda said...

That post is just super! Mr G is amazing and your descriptions are super too. Please keep cool. All but one of our air cons have died over the past four years so it is no problem to save on electricity.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

What fun at Mr. G's!
He must be busy from morning til night, all looks organized and lovely

Vivian said...

Hey, Pat

If I'm not mistaken I think I met Jim when he had quilts on display in Paris a few years back. Does he also make miniature quilts with lots of embellishments? I'll have to check his blog out. Thanks for the show.

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