Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two of My Favorite Things (at Mr. G's House)

This will be my last post concerning my friend, Mr. G., his quilts, studio and home until we next visit his place late this coming Fall. Or, unless I find myself snapping photos of him, his students and projects at our guild retreat in September. We'll see. But, I DID tell you I'd show you 'my two favorite things' at Mr. G's house.

He certainly knows what my two favorite things everytime I stand in front of these things I am compelled to say 'these are my favorite two things in this house!' So, you can see them here. Jim, as I've told you, has a zillion collections. And, at some point in time, he decided to contain all these tiny little treasures into shadow boxes. There is an oval one (my VERY favorite) and a square shadow box, both filled with many items collected by my friend, who treasures each and every item. I just love that! And, of course, I just love them too. Bet you do too!

While I was into my photos taken at Mr. G's house, I thought you might also want to see one of his studio. This photo was taken the same day as the photos in my previous post showing him with quilts hanging over the railing of his balcony. This was taken from his kitchen door right next to the balcony....looking down into the studio. It's a very interesting place to be....notice all the mobiles.....maybe next time I'm there I'll take some photos so you can see the whole place.

I had intended to show you a couple of chairs. Old chairs. Tiny chairs, for kids and dolls. I thought I had some photos...but, no, it turns out I had failed to get those, so that's another thing I must photograph when next at his house. There's always something to see there, so I'll try to get some really good photos then.

So, my two favorite things at Mr. G's house....til I visit then, well, I may have two or more additional favorite things. Take care out there....pat

PS. Oh, yeah.....I totally forgot to mention his beautiful vintage Singer Featherweight sewing, OK - my THREE favorite things at Jim's house!!!


Bonnie said...

I don't think its fair that he has all those wonderful treasures...he should share!!! Love the displays and his workroom!

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh those dolls in the oval frame, I would be going nuts to take them out and sew clothing for them. That studio looks bigger than my whole house!

Sheila said...

I could get lost there for hours, you must of have the best time.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me that my stuff always looks so much better in your photographs. Thank you for making me look so good. Now could you work on my mother for me????

Jim Gatling said...

trying something.......... forget this.

Unknown said...

WONDERFUL collections!! Great way to display them!! I'm making mental notes...I have a lot of little things, too. I positively LOVE antiques, vintage and collectibles! <3

Pat, thank you for sharing Mr G's house and treasures!

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