Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Surprise from a Friend

Recently I received a box in the mail. It wasn't a complete surprise, as one of the dear readers of my blog had emailed asking for my mailing address. Seems she felt the need to send me something in appreciate of my blog. Wow! So, when the box arrived, I was excited to say the least...how thoughtful of this person I have never met! Much to my surprise, the contents of the box just blew me away.

How could this person who has never met me...."get" me? But she did. The box was filled with beautiful needlework 'right up my alley.' Such a beautiful gift....it brought tears to my very appreciative eyes.

I must say that maintaining this blog is something I enjoy doing...in fact, I think I do it for my own 'therapy.' Knowing that at least one person on the planet has read it brings me great pleasure and makes me want to share everything I get into at Bird Nest on the Ground! When it is pointed out to me that there are lots of fellow bloggers visiting me from time to time...just makes my day and therefore, I feel an obligation to do my best. Receiving a comment or an email directly to me about one of my posts is thanks enough...but a package like this one is a very DEAR thing!

I'm only showing you a small part of the gift. There are many doilies, some trims, old beads and buttons, beautiful lacy and completely gorgeous. One of the doilies I'm showing you is one I've never seen the like of....kind of a woven tape with stitches holding the tape together win a wavy pattern...looks like tiny crochet on the outside portion. It reminds me of battenburg lace tape in a way. It is so wonderfully made I can't get enough of looking at it. Never in a million years would I cut that up!
A wonderful crocheted doily. There are several. Some linen scalloped edge coasters...oh just many beautiful things. There is a square tablecover with the most wonderfully perfect ruffle around the edge. I LOVE and I'm very grateful.

I'm also showing you the note that my friend sent all the way from Maine. Thank you so much, dear Linda!! These things are precious to me...the note priceless!

For all of you who visit here from time to time...thank you too! take care, pat


Quiltgal said...

What a lovely gift from a grateful reader. I know that I enjoy reading your blog, seeing the pictures of your home and the beautiful things that you create.

Jim Gatling said...

How special! That is so neat!A huge surprise from a total stranger. I am so jealous. I don't even get presents from my family or kids! Wel,, I had something for you TRhursday, but i sure won't top this. Now go create something fantastic!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

There are kindred spirits out there!
Sometimes I, too, feel there are people out there I have never met in person who know me better than many I have. Your blog is a winner and your friends are too.

Claudine said...

De bien jolis présents ! A bientôt

Sheila said...

Such beautiful gifts, enjoy them.

Elderberry-Rob said...

Such a lovely surprise and such unusual and personal gifts - I am sure you will treasure them. So pleased for you. Bettyx

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