Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Heart Collages

Yesterday I promised to show you two 'heart' collages I recently made at the downtown studio. Here they are. Yeah, ok, so I'm not the best collage artist around...but I sure do enjoy making them. The 'girls' at the downtown studio all paint, and beautifully, I might add. I've never really used paint much...well, except to paint my background fabrics on some embroidery. But, I like watching them paint and they have inspired me to try things....just because they seem to enjoy it so much...even when it is WORK.

So, I took up this collage business. I do get to use some paint, plus lots of paper napkins. I think that is just a hoot! Who knew? I learned to use paper napkins from Sharon at allnorahsart. I've been reading her blog for a long time and was fascinated with what she did with paper napkins, so I had to try it. Of course, that also means I am always on the look out for pretty paper napkins. Oh, the thrill of the of my favorite things!!!

There is the 6" x 6" stenciled bird collage. This was FUN! I had the bird stencil and I cut two hearts out of old book pages...."tied" the hearts on the branches with linen thread and then embossed the hearts with embossing powder. The first time I had tried the powder. Well, ok...there's another thing to find out more about!! I like the hearts really well and the embossing kind of highlights the words underneath. I also used the powder to make the 'snow.' Can you see it? Little snow drops. Gosh, that was fun!

Then, the heart. I painted the background, drew the heart freehand, then added the paper napkin roses. I love the napkin those roses came from. I will be showing you another collage that I made using that same rose napkin. I'm even going to show you the you can see just how that works. FUN. But, for now.....I just added the roses. Then, I wondered what to do next and found the birds on another napkin. Two sweet birds....they gave me the idea for what the words would be and I found them in two different books. It's so much fun to pick out words that seem to have something to do with your collage....but really, it's just random words. I love the words on this one.

So, there you go. Two heart collages. They are for sale at the downtown studio. And, I'll enjoy them until they fly off, maybe near, maybe far. Hope you are all well, safe, happy, warm and cozy!!! See you in a couple of days or so.....pat


Brenda said...

Hi Pat...the one with the 2 birds and 2 hearts is just adorable!! What type of napkins are you looking for, I can keep an eye out around here for ya.


Julie Fukuda said...

Those birds are darling. Happy creating!

Claudine said...

J'aime beaucoup les oiseaux avec les petits cœurs. Moi, je ne suis pas très douée en collages. Bisous et à bientôt Patricia

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