Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Rose Collages

Well, two more collages today...these with more 'paper roses.' I use paper napkins in many of my collages and I have to say....I'm pretty fond of this particular napkin. You really have to see the napkin as it was purchased in order to see what I have done with it, so I'm beginning with a photo of that napkin. I rarely use the napkin as a whole, usually tearing bits of it to suit whatever it is I have in my mind. So, I hope seeing the napkin photo, helps you understand how it was used in each of these collages. By the way, I seem to find the prettiest napkins at Tuesday Morning. This one was is copyrighted by Gail Flores, Licensed by Suzanne Cruise. It's gorgeous.

The first collage is what I thought would look like a rose basket. I tore the napkin to 'fit' the painted canvas, and then drew the 'basket' on.......and finally added some stamps from my stamp 'collection.' (My stamp collection was purchased all at once, in a gallon jar, from the flea market a couple of years ago. I will probably never be able to use all the neat stamps from that jar, but I do have fun with them.) Again, a paper butterfly. A strip of ribbon too. And, the words, of course. "The fragance of the rose," cut from old book pages. I have 'touched up' the roses with even more paint. I like the way it turned out.

Next, is a canvas I painted, then made into this collage. I had cut the words out of a magazine,
"Well behaved women rarely make history." I just thought it would be fun. A page from scrapbooking paper, a date from a very old ledger from my son-in-law's family store, and again.....the wonderful rose napkin! (Don't worry about the vintage was falling apart, so we didn't worry about using it for collages as there are wonderfully intact and beautiful ledgers we would never touch!)

The 'lady' (I think she is gorgeous and don't you love her outfit and jewels? I used some hot crystals for her earrings.), well, I just don't remember at this moment where she came from, but from scrapbooking paper or somewhere similar. I did add some hand drawn vines, touched with a bit of paint...and that number - 509...means nothing except it was the page number from the ledger. I had fun making this...getting paint and gel medium on my hands is great FUN...and using these napkins is too.

So...there you are...two of the latest made in the downtown studio...and, as always, for sale there.
If I can get my etsy up and going again...SOON....they might wind up there, but for now...they are with me as I play in the paint downtown. You all stay safe, warm and cozy....pat


Skoots1moM said...

i should make one of these for my girl...she's in love with Venice, Italy...after a trip there in 2010...i'll have to find some italian napkins ;)

Brenda said...

I love that saying!! And these once again are beautiful. I have been looking for napkins when I go out but haven't found any that are pretty!!


Jim Gatling said...

Always wondered what well behaved men rarely make???????

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