Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buttons, Beads and Other Flea Market Finds

It is very pretty here today, so I decided to take some 'goodies' from inside the studio to the great outdoors and snap a few photos.  A table under the trees in the backyard always interests me, so I carried a bunch of these goodies out and spent a few minutes taking photos.  I love sitting out under the trees....reminds me of when I was a kid.

My grandmother's house, which was really nothing more than a shack,  had a porch along the whole front side and that is where I learned to love a porch.  I also learned to love sitting under the trees there....and napping under the trees too.  There was a very large tree amongst those in the front yard  (I'm thinking it was a live oak) and there was an old iron bed under that tree.  So naps could be taken there.  I don't think a bed in the front yard would even be considered in this day and age, but back in the 40's and 50's not unheard of in my little Texas town, especially down by the railroad tracks where my grandmother's house was.  (Remind me sometime to tell you about the ice house across the highway...one of my favorite memories.)

Anyway, today a few minutes out under the trees sounded good to me, so these are the photos I took.  Amazing how different your things can look when out of doors.  I took these photos just before lunch, but actually, I'm thinking around five o'clock in the afternoon would have been better.

So...what's here?  Well, a pillow I made a couple of years ago.  I've shown it on the blog before, but perhaps YOU didn't see it.  I LOVED making this pillow...Satin Stitches, the Leaf Stitch, ribbon appliqued with pearls and that beaded edge.  All by hand.  All GREAT fun!

I decided to use some of the flea market finds I have to hold pearls, beads, buttons and even some crumpled up seam binding.  (I know we all love that stuff!)  There are thousands of beads here in the Nest......these are just some of them and I love displaying them in various containers all over my house.

There is a glass compote of sorts, a bird candy dish, a vegetable bowl and a metal dish which I think is tin.  In it is a very old silver plate spoon with just about everything worn off of it.  LOVE THAT SPOON...it's just given the world all it ever had and is still functional enough to spoon my buttons!
Unlike my friend, Jim, who loves shining silver...I really love the old and very tarnished pieces.  The more tarnished, the better.  There is also a couple of belt buckles....they are not 'old' but I really like them anyway.

There is a monogramed needle holder and a white bird...those were gifts from a couple of my readers.
My blog readers are the nicest people!!  Some vintage lace....can there ever be enough of that?  No.

I have to tell you about that bird candy dish.  I bought it from my friend, Cheri's, booth at the new flea market.  I loved it on sight and grabbed it before anyone else had a chance.  So cute!  Then, when I was putting my purchases in the car, I dropped that dish right on the pavement!  Yes, it broke completely in half and one of the birds had a broken tail.  I was so upset....but, when I got it home, I glued it back together and when it is holding 'goodies' you can't see the repair...well, there is a little hairline crack on one of the birds where I reattached it's tail.  Almost good as new and I still think it is so cute!

What do you think?  Does sitting out under my trees appeal to you?  Well, I pretended YOU were out there with me....and it was FUN.  Y'all take care, pat

PS.  I'm still having trouble getting my photos in the order I want them.....from what I'm reading on other blogs...I'm not alone.  It's annoying...but I keep on trying.


Julie Fukuda said...

I just loved sitting out there with you talking about your stuff. I am not so happy with some of the changes blogger made (or whoever) There must be somewhere to change picture size and arrangement but I am yet to discover where it went. I know it must be somewhere because other blogs have bigger fancier font and all kinds of picture arrangements,

Christy said...

Very nice staging, Pat. Such wonderous things ... as always. I'm glad you're having nice days.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love your loot. I would have saved that birdie dish too...you KNOW I would have!

I feel the same way about trees. I love them and get angry when they are cut down. I spend a lot of time looking up. There is so much to see, especially when you looking at trees.
xx, Carol

Sherry said...

This is a lovely post, Pat! I love the combination of the creamy, pearly, ivory and shades of tan with the dark metals. And, that pillow is just a sweet, understated little masterpiece. I would like to have joined you under that tree for iced tea and conversation -- and a chance to run my fingers through all those pearls and buttons!

hope said...

I am sitting out under the trees reading your post. I love the way your pictures look (in whatever order). Having a gr.eat day listening to the birds. Hope your having a great one too. Hope

Jaybird said...

I remember that lady, and the house and the ice house ;^)
I also loved sleeping outside and did, for as long as I lived in the country!! The city life has ruined me!!
Hugs to you!

Hitchhiker42 said...

Haha that is so surreal! I love the bucket of buttons with the spoon in it. You have a great eye for whimsy.

claudine said...

Pour mettre mes photos dans le bon ordre je commence par mettre sur un papier leur ordre avec le texte qui les séparera. Puis j'entre mes photos une par une mais en commençant par la dernière et je remonte. Ensuite j'intègre le texte entre les photos. Ca marche bien.
Espérons que la traduction sera lisible !
J'aime beaucoup les boucles de ceinture et comme toujours les petits oiseaux. Bisous

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