Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Five Pretty Things

Well, that week just flew by!!!  So, here I am with a new post...and as always, it seems, later than I intended to be.  Again.  Perhaps I should just admit that my posts are going to show up haphazardly in spite of the fact that I WANT to post in a more regular fashion.  My life seems to be 'irregular' these days...so posting will be too, I guess.  Well, I thank you for sticking with me...those of you who do.

Over the weekend, I thought of showing you some 'pretty' things from my flea market adventures.  These things are not necessary to life, you know, they just brighten up my days.  Don't we all need a little something once in a while to take us out of the everyday?  So....here's what I have decided to show you:

How about a candle in a teacup?  Everything you see in these photos came from a flea market except for the candle in a jar.  It came from Walmart.  I like these little candles in a jar...but won't light them and leave them on the counter or on a table unless I sit them inside a dish, or on a plate or something.  Just as a precaution....I don't think the glass would crack, thus making a horrible mess (or a fire), but I'm too chicken to find out!  So, here I have put the glass jar in a wonderful little tea cup, purchased years ago for practically nothing.  Notice the 'flavor' of the candle...Mixed Berries.  Smells yummy!  Sometimes I put buttons in the teacup.  You just never know around here what I will do.

I found two of these little painted glasses for $1.00.....and immediately thought they'd make good glasses to use when taking my daily medication.  If you have to take pills....I see no reason not to use  a pretty glass....seems to make taking meds more fun!

A couple of weeks ago, I found this crocheted cover....I think for a baby bottle or for a glass...complete with pink ribbon.  When I got it home....well, there are NO baby bottles here and hasn't been for YEARS and also no glasses the right size to fit it, but I did have plenty of water bottles in my fridge!  I think this could make drinking bottled water a lot more fun too!  And, doesn't it look sweet to you?

There is a pretty good size collection of sugar bowls here.  I like to make pincushions with them, amongst other things.  There are always 'odd' sugar bowls at the flea markets.  This one, I particularly loved, so I brought it home and have used it in various ways...including holding sugar.  But, one day recently, out of the 'blue,' I thought of this use.   Seems I always have those large size wooden match boxes in the back of my silverware drawer, and why I thought of this, I've no idea, but I did and so had to carry out my 'plan' right away.  Why couldn't I use that sugar bowl for my wooden matches?  So, I cut the sides of the match box out (the 'striker'), filled the bowl and added the striker pieces inside.  Now, it's even fun to strike a match to light my candles!!  Who knew?

So, now I've come to the 'frogs.'  I've a small collection of them....you can see it here.  Four.  Around here they are hard to find and I usually buy them when I run across one.   I like to use them to hold business cards, certain size greeting cards, recipes,old photos,  and whatever else tickles my fancy.  Here I've shown them holding antique calling cards and one post card.  I LOVE these cards!!!!  Notice the back of the postcard...1911.  How cool is that?  So....even though these frogs aren't all that 'pretty' - they are really neat and they do HOLD something pretty, so I love them.  (I wonder why they call them 'frogs?')

 What do you think of my 'five pretty things?'  They are just little things....didn't cost much...but bring me great pleasure and I hope this post brightened your day in some little way.   Take care 'out there!'  pat


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Some of your things are just beautiful! I say some, because I just couldn't include the frogs. But you did a really good job of repurposing them. Kudos. I'm all about the 3Rs...recycle, reuse, repurpose. I especially LOVE your new use for the sugar bowl. Very cleaver. I always admire someone that cluster cool items together and create an area pleasing to look at. Unfortunately for me, in my own home I see them as clutter and dust collectors. I hope you continue to show yours. I loved this post.

Julie Fukuda said...

Well, Those kenzan (aka "frogs") are something I have plenty of... gained through years of Ikebana certification. I wonder what reaction I would get here in Japan if I put them out with anything other than flowers?

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! First of all, I have to say - I've seen pics of your house but it still must be very much like Dr. Who's TARDIS. On the outside, it's a British Police Box but on the inside, it's HUGE. I can't believe your house holds all the things you show us! LOL!

As to your post ... I love those painted glasses. Next time I'm at my second hand shop, I'll see if they have some and I intend to paint them myself! Very cool.

I have sugar bowls, too. Never thought of using them for matches (even though my philosophy is to never use anything for which it was originally intended).

I always thought 'frogs' was an exclusive term for the latticework tops to put into vases to keep your flower arrangements in place. But then, your little 'frogs' are holding things in place, so that makes sense. Good idea! I haven't a clue why they call them frogs.

Nice post. I really want to move to Arkansas just so I can go to these flea markets where you find such neat 'stuff'. haha. :-) botm2@yahoo.com

Sherry said...

Pat, I love everything you've shown in this post, even the frogs since I collect them, too. But, I think my favorite thing is something you didn't mention -- that beautiful white, fluted pitcher! Of course, I'm never surprised to see something I like in your posts; we seem to like so many of the same things. You can't post too often for me but I know it's a lot of work so I appreciate it when you do find the time.

Vicki Boster said...

It's the little things in life that count-- and make a house a home. I love all of your little treasures!
I'd love to walk through your home-- between your quilts and beautiful projects-- and your little treasures- I'm sure your home is amazing-

Claudine said...

De bien jolies trouvailles ! J'aime bien les "grenouilles" (pas hérisson ?!) et la jolie tasse à thé où tu as mis la bougie. C'est la caverne d'Ali Baba chez toi! Gros bisous et à bientôt

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