Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Gift of Baskets

One day, not long ago, I emailed my dear friend, Jim with a request.  Sometimes I ask him questions he'd rather not deal with, such as - "Would you draw some basket patterns for me?"  You he has nothing else to do.  And, sometimes he will say 'not on your life.'  Other times, he will just say..."we'll see."  A few days after I asked him to draw the basket patterns for me, an envelope arrived in my mailbox.  Actually, I wasn't expecting it to be patterns, as I knew he was really busy.  I thought it might be a paper snowflake...he's always drawing those.  Or, maybe something to make me laugh.
He does that too.  I took the envelope into my backyard studio, opened it and was surprised to find that he really had drawn some basket patterns for me.  Now, that is a good friend!!!  There are eight of them!  And, to top it off, he said I could post them on my blog and share them with YOU.  Yes, he said to be sure and tell you that you are welcome to use them in some of your work.  He didn't ask, but I will....if you do use them, kindly give him credit for the you already know, it is the right thing to do.  So, here they are....all eight.  The largest was copied on an 8" x 10" sheet of paper to give you an idea of the size.  I have taken the liberty of reducing them down four times....the smallest is about 1 1/2" by 2" or so.  You could make them any size you wish.
#1....if you see a gap in the drawings anywhere, as in the handle on this pattern...he left spaces for leaves, roses, or whatever you wish to add here and there....this one is my favorite as I can SEE those ribbon roses spilling out of this basket already and haven't made a stitch!

 #2...Love this one too.  Can you see Baby Ric-Rac for the handle?  You can use these in a zillion different ways.
#3...Fill this one to the brim with pretty flowers......and remember, you can interpret  the basket stitching in many different ways too.
#4...This one looks like a crystal basket to me.....might want to stitch it in a shimmering thread on a dark background.
#5....How do you see this one?  Any ideas?  If you use it (or any of them)...please let us see your work.... it would be fun.  I see it couched in a heavy thread.
#6...How many things can we do with this basket?  You could also complete the handle and use silk ribbon to make a three dimensional bow....
#7....I'm not sure I could repeat this one easily....but did think I could use a bit of Battenburg Lace for the basket...or make it look like that kind of lace....Hmmm....

#8....What could we do with this one?  I think a metallic thread would be interesting.  Oh, the possibilities!!!
Here are all the patterns in the tiniest size....very cute, don't you think?
Then, of course, the basket on the front of the envelope.  I have ideas of what to do with it NOW!  I love getting mail from Jim....the contents are wonderful and the envelopes are always FUN!  So....okay....have some fun with this gift from Jim to me and YOU.  And, if you want to see what else he is up to, visit his blog HERE.  He really is a good friend....and a talented guy.  THANKS, JIM!!! 

Oh, and before this day is over.....I hope you have had a beautiful Mother's Day!  Take care out there, pat


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Whoa!! what a wonderful collection. I love how each one spoke creative inspiration. So what cha gonna do with them ?

Hope your Mother's Day was nice.
We had a cold weekend with freeze warnings. Something told me not to buy annuals yet...that darn Phil...he is no better than the weatherman.

Dolores said...

Thank you to you and Jim. These are wonderful.
Mother's day was great - and it was also my mom's 94th birthday. The whole family (who live in the area) was together to celebrate and of course, there was Skype with the long distance family.

Cindy P said...

SQUEEEE! Those basket are SO cute! I love, love, LOVE baskets. Any kind of baskets.

I love Jim's blog. You are right, he is SO talented. I'd give anything to draw like that.

Thanks for showing them to us. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Laurie said...

These baskets are awesome Pat! Thanks for sharing them with us! How great to have a friend like Jim who has such talent that he is willing to bless you with!

sandi s said...

What a great friend! The baskets are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have such a wonderfully talented and especially good looking friend like me. Shucks, y'all make me sound like I knew what I was doing. LOL!Well, all your blogger friends are neat! Don't you wish they all lived close so we could play together?! Enjoy!! When I get a minute I'll post the for my 3 followers. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Well, trying to get back on here. I was deleted somehow........

Jim Gatling said...

Still trying.......

Anonymous said...


Vivian said...

I think your friendship is so neat. Love the baskets. Haven't been on-line much lately so I'll have to catch up on what you have been up to. Summer break is upon me. Yippee.

Vicki Boster said...

Pat- the basket patterns are lovely-- your friend is so talented-- and is a true gem to do this for you! We all can't wait to see how you use these.

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