Monday, May 20, 2013

My Ecru Thread Collection

Today I thought I'd show you some of my ecru thread collection.  Some, but certainly not all, as it seems I collect this stuff wherever I go.  Sometimes it is given to me, sometimes the flea market just has it waiting for me.  You know how I am.  There are drawers of crochet thread here...much in ecru (my favorite color of crochet threads) and sometimes in every color.  I'm hopelessly drawn to it.  Here is the whole kit and kaboodle.  The little chest you can see on the upper left of the photo is a gift from my friend, Sandra, in Alabama.  I just love that precious little thing!  And, the old-fashioned wool pincushion I made sometime back and use often.

These are all the threads I have which are still in their original today they really spoke my name.   Along with the threads, I wanted you to see some of the other vintage sewing things that live here in my bird nest on the ground.

 Here are some of the threads nestled in their boxes....I could crochet, knit (yes, I have knitted with them before to make doll things) couch, embroider, or whatever strikes my fancy with this thread from days gone by.  Some of these are in remarkably good condition and some, not so much, but I love using them and some days, like today, I just love looking at them!

 These are pristine....and I was so lucky to find them....yes, I really do display them and find the boxes very interesting too.


 These too!
 My friend, Pat S., brought this sewing box to the downtown studio one day.  It belonged to her and she'd had it for a very long time.  She's just a little bit older than I and isn't sewing like she used to, so she thought I'd like to have it, complete with contents.  Of course, I was beside myself and treasure it.  She's another kind and generous friend I've met over the years.  Note the tatted cross.  I have never gotten the 'hang' of how to tat, so I treasure every snippet of it that comes my way! 

There are beads and such in here too.  Oh, what FUN!
 One day I ran across this box of thread at the flea market...and couldn't believe it.  Ok, if you owned this and it is found in a flea market, you must have passed, so that means I will enjoy and treasure it FOR YOU.  And, hopefully, USE it!

 Pretty, pretty stuff!

 Many years ago, friend Jim, walked into our quilt guild's Ferndale retreat, found me at the Registration desk and gave me a little box with this vintage bodkin in it.  I knew right away what it was and I have not only used it, but ENJOYED using it many times since.  A very special thing indeed!  The crochet hook is tiny and I'm not sure what it is made of...but so very cute.  It showed up in a box of sewing 'junk' I bought one time.  Sweet!

 Several years ago, I decided I was going to make buttons.  I tried various kinds, including these crocheted ones.  These are about the size of a nickel.  FUN!  I've never used these, still looking for just the right place for them...and, should you want to make you own...the instructions for these and many other kinds can be found in the book I used...."50 Heirloom Buttons to Make" by Nancy Nehring, published by Taunton Press.  I don't know if it's still in print, but you would enjoy trying some of the techniques in it.

This little wooden bowl....vintage, I am sure, called my name several times at the flea market.  I avoided getting it four or five times, then one day I gave in to it and love seeing all these vintage sewing goodies in it.  The old scissors, clothes pins, needle holder, and a vintage piece of a rose telling how long I've had that....seems it cost me a nickel way back when.

 Well, that's it for the threads and sewing goodies.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them and if you should have some of the same things, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.  I count them among my most favorite treasures!  Take care, pat


Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

Wonderful treasures indeed! The little crochet hook was used in the old days and still is used for picking up dropped stitches in knitting. especial finer garments where the stitches were small.

Suztats said...


Jaybird said...

TOOOO funny that you should post this...
I lay two doilies out at lunch today that I will have to break out my ecru thread (I have one ball of antique thread) to repair tonight while sweet hubby has the TV blasting tomfoolery :^)
You and I must be on the same wavelength this week!
Hugs to you,

Precious Crafts said...

I love looking at your wonderful collection - so 'vintage-looking'! I also love ecru, cream, white and beige, but could not resist striking colours! Thanks for sharing!:D

Vicki Boster said...

Pat- what a beautiful collection of photos-- your threads a so lovely as you have them displayed. Ecru is truly the most beautiful of colors-
The little embroidered box is an absolute treasure--


Claudine said...

De quoi faire des merveilles ! Bisous Pat

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