Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do You Know?

Do you know what these tools are for and how they are used?   These are items I have recently come across...beautifully made, I must say, but mysterious to me.  I  have tried to find out what exactly they are no avail.  So, figuring someone out there is smarter than me about such things....I am asking...DO YOU KNOW?

Tool #1 is, I believe, some kind of's big and I'm wondering if it is used for some kind of fish net weaving?  It is a beautiful piece of wood, smooth as can be and that definitely is a big eye, so what do you think?  I found this tool in a box of sewing 'stuff' at the flea market.

Tool #2, I do believe, has something to do with knitting....but I've searched and cannot find out a thing about it.  There was a bunch of sewing thread wrapped haphazardly around that spool looking thing, but I removed it as as to get a better look at it.  Any ideas about this one?

Here's a closer look.....ring any bells?  You can turn the 'spool' by that little 'handle' sticking up top there.  This tool belongs to my friend Jim.  I was sure I could find out what it was and would love to be able to tell him what it actually is.

 Tool #3 is the most mysterious of all.  I'm totally clueless.  My friend, Laverne, invited me some time back to see if I wanted anything from her parents estate sale...she had put this back for me thinking I would like it.  I sure did, even though, like I said, I was clueless as to what it is.  It is beautifully made and I believe just a part of some bigger apparatus.  As you can see, there is a slot at the top for thread of some kind, a bobbin for thread in the middle, and all those wooden gears to make it 'go.'  (By the way, in a post last year, if you saw my wonderful vintage green 'blackboard' now in my studio, it belonged to Laverne's Dad and has become one of my favorite possessions!!)

 The 'handle' moves back and forth very was fastened, evidently, to something else, as there are all those screw holes.

 Notice that little lever which seems to act as some kind of 'stop' when the thread on that long thin piece runs out.  There are also two little eyelets (blue) up at the inside top of the 'handle.'  I don't think it's a handle, but it is shaped like one.

Are you 'with' me?  Do you think they are beautiful?  Do you have any idea what they are?  Kindly leave a comment if you can...or go to my profile where you can send me an email.  I'm just wondering what wonderful uses these beautiful vintage pieces have.  Hope you are well out there....and STAY COOL!  pat

UPDATE!!!  HERE IS THE LATEST ON THESE VINTAGE TOOLS:  I am happy to report feedback about the use of these tools has come in and I thought you'd want to know the latest.
Seems #1, the needle,  was used to make fish nets and also HAMMOCKS.  How interesting...and pretty close to what we thought, isn't it?  #2, the thing that looks kind of like a fishing pole, has been revealed to be used as a 'holder' for kite string and can be reeled in an out as you need more line.  I loved that whole idea.  #3, the real 'mystery' item -  it turns out -  is a part of a specific loom apparatus that made hatbands, ribbons and labels in a factory.  I'm amazed to find that out.  So, there you are...information asked for and received.  Just how cool is this blogging thing?


Gill said...

I have no idea but I'm hoping someone else does! They look such wonderfully tactile objects!

Julie Fukuda said...

Every now and then I get hold of some Japanese tool. no longer in use, but usually I can find someone to tell me what it is for. I hope you can find out. They look like something for heavy duty like rug-making??? They certainly are beautiful.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

what a great mystery. What does Jim think? He must know someone who knows someone that knows something. I sure hope you find out. I was googling ideas but no luck.

Have a great weekend.

Suztats said...

Tool #2 looks a little familiar. Could it be a fishing rod? or could it be another tool for making nets? I think I've seen a pic of this before, somewhere....darn the ol' brain cells!

Laurie said...

I have no clue!! I've never seen anything like these. In fact I have no idea where to even find out! Good luck on your search, and let us know what you find, OK?

Laurie said...

Hello again Pat, my husband says the one that looks like a pole is probably an awl, used for netting or sewing or repairing canvas, the other appears to be a marlin spike, used for roping,tying and undoing knots. Both are marine tools. the one with the gears he has no clue. Hope this helps.

Fibre Optics Group said...

Hi Pat, contacted two people who work at lot with vintage tools, but neither had any idea - perhaps it's because we are in land locked Alberta - but my gut feeling is that they are all related to the sea in some way. The one with the spool looks like it could be something to mend sails and I agree with you about the net mending idea, however, the one with the moving parts and cog still baffles.

Erin in MI said...

I just found the gear thing on Etsy -

It says it's a label maker...but doesn't really explain how it works. But, maybe with this starting point, you'll get lucky :)

Erin in MI

Erin in MI said...

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