Sunday, June 23, 2013

"My Special Heart"

 My friend, Micah, made this necklace for me.  She is a very dear person, a mom, a hairdresser, and a wonderful artist.  She makes many whimsical art pieces in all media....but this necklace is kind of a 'new' thing for her.  My daughter ordered one for me for Mother's Day and I was delighted to receive it.  As it was Mother's Day and Micah has lots of friends, she made a lot of these for daughters to give to their mothers....and as happens....a new chapter has opened in Micah's art career.  I'm so glad.

 These pieces are made with vintage spoons and other objects....this one has a copper heart, some rhinestones and the cutest little white rose bead at the very top....I just love it!  As friend, Jim and some of the family call me 'the queen of everything' it was fun that she stamped Queen Patricia on it.
And, yes, I DO know that there are many mothers out there called by that name, so it is amusing, but not unique.  I smile anyway.

Micah has opened an etsy shop...find it HERE.   As shown on the gift tag below...she has named this endeavor "Gus and Patine."  I'm sure she would love to make you one should you be interested.

"One of a kind handmade goods from vintage finds."  Of that there is no she loves flea markets as much as we do.  You may also see more of Micah's work on her blog which you will find HERE.  She is very talented as you will see.    Hope you drop in and see what she is up to....and tell her I sent you!  Hope you are all well.  take care, pat

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OOO, I like this piece so much! Thanks for sharing the links too.
Hope all is well with you and the Old Navy Man.
xx, Carol

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