Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Surprise from a Teenager

One night I received a text from Gracen, the teenaged daughter of a friend.  She was looking for someone to help her with a class project.  "Would I mind helping her?"  Well, given that I have no teenagers in my life these days, I know her, and she asked "just right," of course, I told her yes.  Seems she needed to speak to an "artist" and that's when I wondered how I would possibly be of help and what did I commit myself to do.

It was to be an interview kind of thing...with her asking ME the questions, and me, giving her whatever answers I could.  It was kind of awkward, as I hardly consider myself  "a real artist" even though I enjoy playing with the idea.  All kinds of questions, how did I get interested in art, did I study it, how did I determine what kind of art I wanted to be involved in, how long have I been creating my art, how did I handle art and raising a family, anything I could tell her about making money from it, do I still make art, and so on - many questions.  A lot of them I had never even thought about.  Wow! 

So, Gracen finished her project, thanked me and life went on.  Til last week, when I received this lovely Thank You note from her.  Isn't it sweet?


And, on the reverse side of the thank you note was this lovely Certificate.  Gosh, I haven't received a Certificate...well, I don't even want to think how long it may have been.  It's adorable.   THANK YOU, Gracen, for thinking I might be able to answer your questions...makes a seventy year old feel pretty good!!!  I love my new treasure!!!

Now, for you who visit this blog...yes, I know I was supposed to have a tutorial in March.  Well, don't you, too, feel the month has gone by way too fast?  So, I'm promising to have it in the first half of April, and I'll do the beading tutorial in the last half of April.  I'm working on it!!

Thanks, always, for your visits! And, wishing you some sunshine and fair weather.

Until next time.....



Sheila said...

What a sweet Thank you!
My granddaughter recently had a project similar for college, only she needed to talk to her grandfather about how things have changed from when he was growing up and now.
Hope everything is well!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Being asked to be interviewed is an honor, of course. But the thoughtful thank you was the crowning touch. Such a nice girl. Very touching.

How ya been? Hope you keeping busy, or busily idle, which of course takes an awful lot of time.
xx, Carol

Audra Jones said...

So sweet that you posted! She will be so thrilled that you love it and were so honored to help her. Love ya! Audra

Julie Fukuda said...

These young people are our future. It is a great opportunity to help them and such a pleasure when they appreciate the help. How encouraging that they appreciate learning from the past.

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