Saturday, March 28, 2015

On a Quiet Saturday Afternoon

  It's a quiet Saturday afternoon here.  So, here's some 'quiet' photos to share.  On Thursday, I went over to daughter Kelly's house to walk her dog.  She is very busy showing property these days (a wonderful thing!!), so I went to take Miss Trixie for a walk.  While out on the walk, I saw some lovely blossoms here and there on the driveway and the yard.  Curious, I picked up a few to check them out and thought they were very sweet, but I wondered where they were coming from, as there are none like this in Kelly's yard.  I brought some home.

I have some tiny vintage doll glasses....and thought 'wouldn't it be cute' to put these little blossoms in one of those glasses.  I could enjoy them for a day or two.  This little glass is about an inch and a half tall.  Yes, so cute!

 Well, on with my story.....while still walking the dog on Thursday, it finally hit me where these blossoms were coming from.....across the street.  They were from the neighbor's Bradford Pear Tree. Well, yes, I've said many times I'm blind as a bat and this is just further proof.  I guess I had never seen any of those blossoms 'up close and personal' before. 

And, they still look nice today.

Here they are over my kitchen sink....where I can enjoy them...I'm thinking they will cheer me the rest of this weekend (and maybe you too).  The little things of life can add so much to day!

Until next time,



A bird in the hand said...

How lovely!
I didn't know pear tree blossoms were so beautiful.

Sheila said...

Oh, how pretty! I don't think the Bradford pear trees I've seen before were that pretty. I love the tray your little glass is sitting in. So pretty.

Growing Old Fast said...

So happy to see you. How lovely the blossoms are. And are indeed an "artist". I love your art!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Very lovely and such a serene setting. A picture of peace and elegance. Quite the opposite of my home most times. Gosh your blossoms are so pretty. Perhaps I'll see some here soon. 60 degree temps are in are 7 day forecast. I am breathing a sigh of relief...there really WILL be a Spring this year. Ground Hogs beware...I am gunning for you.
xx, Carol

Jaybird said...

Hi there,
Your little flowers are so sweet and that is a beautiful plate!!!
Your shelf has everything I so greatly admire...white pitchers, pretty plate and flowers, and cherries on top!
Hugs to you girl..
and Easter blessings as well,

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A Bit of Heaven
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