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Chain Stitches for Maureen

 I remember way back in about January, one of my readers, Maureen, commented on the pink pincushions shown here.  I'm not sure she wanted to see the Chain Stitches done, or just more pink, but I have intended to show more and so, today, I am.  The photo above is of a grouping of pincushions I made for a class I taught several years ago.  I now only own the largest blue one of this grouping, but felt I needed to make have reproduced the largest and the smallest of the pink square pincushions, so I can show them to Maureen, and YOU.

 It all began with this page of my sketch book....along with notes.  Some things I sketch or write down never reach a finish line, but it is a place to start after my initial idea.  In a photo further down, I will show you my inspiration piece for these pincushions.  Oh, this design is about five inches square.

Here is a little drawing of the way I would add the Chain Stitches to the work.  You will notice the leaves and the flower have the Chain Stitches on TOP of them.

Another view.

And, here is a 'clean' drawing of the pattern.  You may use it if you wish.  (And, yes, I did reduce it down for the smaller pink's about three inches square.)  The dotted lines are just to aid in placement when tracing the pattern.  Oh, yes, I DO use a light box for that.

Here is the latest version of this pincushion, traced with a white chalk pencil, on a Lilac colored fabric.

Yes, this is the same fabric....have no idea why it looks blue!!  In this photo, you can see where I have added the appliques for the pincushion.  I used an organdy fabric (by the way, it could be any fabric you wish to use!) adhered to some double-sided iron on interfacing, then ironed in place onto the square. That way, it stays in place while I do the Chain Stitching.   You could baste those pieces on if you would rather.   I machine baste around the squares (both front and back of the pincushion) on the sewing lines (the exact size of the pincushion).   The basting serves as a guide to line the front up with the back when I sew the pincushion.  Makes every thing line up nicely.

You can begin on any part of the pincushion....but, on this one, I began right here on this stem.  Bring the thread from back to front and begin!

Make a loop and come up with the needle, then, draw the thread completely through...tightening the loop.

And, continue on along.  Now, see, that is easy!  These loops are really small ones.  Don't get too stressed about how small they are....just keep going.  The more you make, the less you notice the sizes or tension of each one.  Consistency comes after making thousands of them.  Then, like me, you will just enjoy making them, rather than becoming uptight about how 'perfect' they are...or not.
But, really, just enjoy the stitching!!

As you will see, we are just following the drawn line as best we can.

In this photo, you can see that I am beginning to stitch the second line of Chain Stitching on that side of the stem.

And, go!!

There you are...two lines of Chain Stitch on one half of the stem...and then on to the next.

Now, the second side.  It should be fun....

In this photo, I am beginning the Chain Stitches on the center flower.  Again, up from the back of the work, make a loop, tighten, and keep on stitching.  You will be working a Chain Stitch around each 'petal.'

Go the way, I didn't say, but this is one strand of DMC floss. works up quite nicely!

Just another view.  And, those photos are of the how-to of making a Chain Stitch.

This photo is of the pincushions...AND, the inspiration piece for them.  I bought this small appliqued and Chain Stitched place mat at the flea.  The minute I saw it, I knew I wanted to stitch something like it...that is when the pincushion idea popped into my head.  I didn't want to use the design exactly as it was on the place mat, so I just used the elements of the design in a different way.  If you enlarge this photo, you can see exactly how the stitching was done...and the appliques also.

So, here is the smallest, newest, pincushion...along with the beading, using the Three Bead Edging as shown on my previous post.

And, here you can see the beaded corner.

Another view of the largest pincushions.

A look at just the Pink Pincushions!

And, just another look at the corner.

A look at the edge....and a close-up of the Chain Stitching.

Thought you might want to see a close-up of the blue pincushion's corner also.

Then, here is the completed Chain Stitch Flower.  Really this is quite a simple project.  I hope you will give it a try and ENJOY it!!

Thought you might want to see these again....They remind me of a frosted cake.  I've no idea why!!

So, Maureen, I hope you and my other readers enjoyed this little Tutorial.  

No idea what will be in my next post....but, 

Until then,


Dolores said...

Thank you. I have enjoyed these two posts. I've learned a lot.

Sheila said...

Hi Pat, I love the pincushions and I want to try one. Thank you so much.

Cindy P said...

Pat, I have loved those since the first time you showed them. I've printed off the pattern and I'm going to start on one right now.

Thanks so much for all your generosity.

Cindy in Kansas

Bonnie said...

You are so talented and artistic! I really love these little pinkeepers.

Not that I need another project but I might have to make one or two!

Thanks for the tutorial!

SuperMomNoCape said...

Your pincushions are all beautiful. Thank you so much for showing step by step how you made them!

I would love to have you come link up this post in my new Stitchery Link Party so that my readers could enjoy them too.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Pat!!! You've been on my mind and I just had to stop by to see what you're up to! Your work is absolutely EXQUISITE. And how kind of you to share a tutorial on how to make these beautiful pincushions! They really are beautiful...and I love the beading tutorial in the previous post too! I hope you are doing so very good ~ miss you angel! xxoo, Dawn

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