Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Quilt in Those Christmas Colors

 Recently I mentioned here that I had taken an unfinished quilt top, put it in my quilt frame and was planning on quilting it this Winter.  Well, Winter is here (according to the calendar) so if I can stay determined, maybe this quilt will be finished by next Christmas.  It is big.  It will take time.  I can no longer quilt for more than an hour as my right hand doesn't work well after that amount of time, but with effort, maybe I can manage it.  This quilt top was hand appliqued at least eight years ago and has been nagging at me to finish it. BIG project for 2016!

 Here are just a few photos so you get the idea of it.  Here in my living room, near the fire should I need it.  The quilt adds to the coziness of the room even when it isn't being worked on. 

 I didn't design this's from a book.  I would show it to you, but would have had to launch a search.  I'll make sure you see it, though, as time goes by.  I did design the border.  I don't think it will look 'right' to you until you see the quilt in it's entirety.  

 I use a Grace Quilt frame.  I love it!  The largest quilt I have made on it was a commission for the Department of Arkansas Heritage, several years ago.  That quilt was ten feet wide x six feet in height.
Made for their reception room.  I haven't a decent photo of it....but I can tell you that I probably would have never finished it had it not been for this wonderful quilt frame. 

 The blocks are about eighteen inches square.  There are sixteen of them.

 The background of each block is a different print fabric.

 And, yes, this quilt is in traditional Christmas colors, even though it isn't really a Christmas Quilt and it does give my house the 'feeling' of Christmas.  What do you think?

Imagine me here quilting on those very cold Winter days, for here is where I will be.
Join me?

Please continue to enjoy the Christmas Season in good health.

from Bird Nest Cottage

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Pat S. in Lebanon said...

Your quilt is beautiful and deserves to be finished. You have inspired me to
get out my hand pieced queen size quilt that has been languishing in the closet for about five years. That nemesis, arthritis, really slowed me down. I've switched almost entirely to embroidery because those projects aren't as big and
time consuming. But time is marching on and I want to finish some quilting UFO's
while I can still see and stitch. So let's see what we can accomplish!

Pat S.
Lebanon, PA

sandi s said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, just from what I can see. I hope to join you and quilt on one of mine. I'll be watching for updates. Merry Christmas. Hugs,

Sheila said...

The quilt is beautiful! I imagine stitching by the fire will be so nice and cozy this winter. I do alot of needlework but haven't learned to quilt. I've got it on my list of things to do. Maybe one day.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas with your family!

Julie Fukuda said...

A perfect project for winter days. This is the first winter I have not had a quilt in the frame and I am thinking I need to assemble something quickly. Yours is quite an inspiration.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I'd love to join you in your beautiful cozy corner! Pat, I am impressed with those who can quilt and do handwork..even if it is just a few stitches at a time. Your work is perfection!


Una said...

Hi Pat,what a wonderfull project for winter(everything you make is stunning),but this quilt is spectacular and very large,I look forward to seeing it finished,have a wonderfull Christmas best wishes.x.Una.x.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a cozy spot in your home. Love the tree branch next to the fire place. I bet you have a quilt for every season, don't you!! I think it's good to have a large project to focus on, especially after the holidays. That's usually when I pain the walls, which is the plan for January. And clean the carpets from the stinky dogs that I can smell but no one else can. I'm such a creature of habit. I came across another of your Leisure Arts leaflets the other day. Who would think that I would have such a great blog friend and find out I bought her books years ago. Much love Pat. Enjoy the warm weather cause I bet your going to get the cold just before we do.
xx, Carol

Patti said...

I agree, your quilt is beautiful. One stitch at a time and it will get done. I also like the quilting you are doing. A good project for the winter, that is if we ever get winter. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

Louise Doney said...

Oh Pat, that is quite a challenge, but I know you can do it ! Even though I love seeing new designs and sometimes give in and buy them, I too have decided that some of my UFO's need to be completed. But mine are of the smaller Embroidery world but also take time becuase I like little things and for some odd reason they just take more precicion and then of course you need to make them into something like Etui's or Neccessaries. Ok lets inspire each other to make this happen this winter.
Happy Winter

Maureen said...

What a beautiful quilt that will be!

Christy said...

Hi, Pat. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays. Take care and have a really good season of food and fun. Take care.

Quiltgal said...

It is gorgeous and so it your quilting. Just Beautiful and it also makes a lovely Christmas decoration.

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