Sunday, January 6, 2019

How Full Do You See Your Basket?

How full do your see your basket?

I ask that question only because I believe the answer to it depends on how good a year 2019 will be for me.  And, by me, I mean all of us.  I'm sorry to say, but 2017 and 2018 were hard on me and just about everyone I know.  I'm pretty sure the whole planet has suffered.  I'm not sure improvements will be made in 2019 either, but I have come to the conclusion that my attitude about how full my basket is could possibly make this year a much better one, for me and for you.  So, how full DO you see your basket?  I'm going to choose to believe that "my cup runneth over" and my basket too....even when it's difficult.  Mind over matter.  It should always be so, but I couldn't seem to believe that last year, thus making me sick both mentally and physically, so I have to another year like the last is unacceptable.  I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, so know that I'll be doing my best to think positive through all the trials and tribulations of life, mine and yours.  I'll be 'seeing' baskets hopefully filled with goodness and love....we need it.  So, I'm tying another knot,  hanging on and hoping you hang on with me.

So, of course, speaking of baskets...I had to show some, if for no other reason than it never hurts to see something pretty.
That little platter came from the flea market. 
 It called my name.

 The framed basket was a gift....the paper basket...a Hallmark card from several years ago.

Then, there is this tiny, tiny, petit point hang from a chain.   One of my most favorite things.

 I brought this beautiful cross-stitched table runner home from the flea last week.  Another beautiful thing that called my name loudly.  It isn't in really good shape, lots of stains, so I plan to use the baskets in some future projects.  "Future projects."  That has a positive sound to it.  A part of seeing the basket as full rather than empty.  

 Can you see it with me?

I think I'll be showing you more baskets in the cottage as the year goes by.  There are many here and I like sharing them.  More positivity.  A good thing.

 Can you see the name "Pat" on this embroidery?  Funny.  It wasn't made by me.

I found this quote this morning.  I don't know who wrote it, but I liked it a lot and I'm going to believe it is true.  May it help you also.

"Amazing, isn't it, how some see the basket half empty and others see it half full?  Some see life hopeless, some hopeful.  Even when things are less than perfect, if you can think of the good, the beautiful, the hopeful, you'll be more than sustained."

until next time
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sandi s said...

It’s so good to see a post from you!! 2019 is going to be a good year for me. I believe as long as I wake up each morning and move on my own two feet it is a good day. Things don’t always happen the way I want them to but that’s ok. I live a blessed life, I have children who love me, good friends to spend time with and a faith to sustain me. I hope this is a good year for you too. Hugs, Sandi

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Lovely post and lovely embroidery. I'm determined to try to be positive in everything I do this year. I've already taken up abandoned craft projects and hope to complete them by the end of this month! How's that for positive!

Christy said...

Hi Pat ... I give you alot of credit. I'm still working on being positive, especially the way things were in 2018. I hope you have a wonderful 2019 and we all get a grip and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps again. You take care and I look forward to your posts.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

GOOD DAY!! I'm glad to see you post. Of course I am the eternal optimist. I liken it to the seasons of the year. I am always assured that summer will come if I am patient.
Much Love

http://thankfullga447 said...

Always glad to hear from you. I have to think of the good things in 2018, my son got married such a joyous occasion.

Jaybird said...

Good to see you basket is usually full....sometimes too full!!
Love the red machine in your other knew I would :)
Blessings to you in this nice new year...keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart!! ♥ ♥ ♪ ♫

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Pat, for your uplifting message. It has been a couple of years of stress and sorrow. While I cannot really relax, I, too, have to remain hopeful for my well being and health. Keep searching for those baskets so we can fill them up with good things. I love the heart pinkeeper that you gave away and that I was lucky enough to accept years ago. A wonderful reminder of you in my sewing room. Hopeful for a better 2019 and beyond. Your friend, Bonnie

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