Thursday, March 21, 2019

What I Saw Today

After a couple of weeks absence, I again visited one of my favorite places today...The Junk House Flea Market in Beebe.  It always amazes me how much a place can change in just a couple of weeks.
I vowed to show you photos of my visits there...seeing the things that catch my eye...and sharing with you the things I choose to bring home.  Today was a good day for visiting, both vendors and visitors.

The first things that caught my eye this morning was these two items.  We think they are terrariums, but aren't really sure.  You can't tell there is glass in the larger one, but there is.  Wonderful things they are too...The smaller one came home with me...I immediately knew what I would do with it and you might see that this Sunday when I post again.

Here's a nice chair.  Chairs are popular here, so I doubt it lasts long.  The sign...well, it came home with me also.  My son calls my house and garage a "store" so I'm hanging this in my garage.  People make fun of my garage and since I've been reorganizing it for the past few weeks...I thought the sign suitable.  I've decided to keep my car outdoors, preferring to add to the work space in the garage.  It will be an experiment.

When I was a teenager, I believe I painted a couple of "paint by number" things.  I believe they really are collectible these days, so this one may not be here long.  I've no idea where my own examples wound up, but I know I don't have them.  Funny the things you can be prompted to remember when shopping in a flea market!

I was tempted to bring home the "cottage" sign, but didn't.  I know someone else really needs it!

There are always lots of linens and things in the store!

I thought these chickens were the most colorful, happiest looking chickens you could see and the embroidery is very nice too.  


Well, this picture called my name right away!  Click to see it larger....GORGEOUS!
All those flowers, or as I see them....all those French Knots!!!  
Yes, of course, I did bring this one home.

There is a tiny house on the horizon in this painting.  I was tempted.  But, no....I know someone else will want this one.  Click on it too.  There are tiny flowers scattered under the tree.  Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Katie Daisy...."My soul is made of meadow flowers."  Yes, indeed!

Oh, my goodness!  Another one calling my name.  You do know that something has to be taken down so I can put these lovely choices up....Yes, this one came home with me also.  

I loved this old cabinet!  Someone will get this, for sure.  No room in my cottage for it, but I know someone will claim it soon.  The little corner shelf on top was sold right after I took this photo.

And, this needlepoint pillow was enticing also.

Another view of the chair...this time with a cross-stitch piece sitting there.  Color coordinated, of course!

And, a little English village teapot, sugar and creamer.  In pink.  So cute.

 Lots of things to see in this cabinet.  As I always never know what you will find at the Junk House.
 It was a fun day!! 

Until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


Louise Doney said...

The birdie embroidery would have definitely come home with me ❤️

Ghost Mannequin said...

Thanks Guys very useful, I will be starting a blog!

Jaybird said...

The two little glass boxes are also called Wardian Cases. I have one in my dining room, but I KNOW it doesn't look as cute as yours will!! Today it has a small green plate in back of a bunny sitting in a basket nest. You didn't know bunnies had nests????? Where do you think they keep their Easter eggs????
Love you girl,

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