Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Time to Knit

Today I went to Hobby Lobby....a quick trip, thinking it would be quite a while before I visited it again.  You just don't know these days.  Among my other purchases, it seems a little bird flew into my basket and came home with me.  So, tonight while trying to decide what to post, the bird caught my attention and made it's way onto my work table.  I had already decided to use this gorgeous piece of fabric....a segment of a curtain I made years ago.  

This watercolor painting, given to me in 1981 in Silver City, N.M. by my next door neighbor and artist,  Arlene Foster, had been calling for my attention the last few days, so it became another element of my little 'scene.' 

A small piece of knitting....intending to be a scarf of some kind was next.  I love knitting a simple scarf....not much thinking involved and keeps your hands busy while your mind wanders, considering all kinds of things....while you "just breathe."

Notice the bird seems to have flown into the knitting needle basket, perhaps becoming interested in learning another thing or two about how humans might warm their nest.  I love these needles...the longer ones are antique, the shorter ones new bamboo.  I like knitting with wooden needles.

Well, seems the little bird flew away.  Ready for an adventure somewhere else, I suppose.
So....the cold is coming....who knows if we will have snow as in the painting. Whatever happens, I will be under some quilts, perhaps knitting away...and watching for a little bird. 

                                                           Have a warm and happy heart
                                                                       Bird Nest Cottage



Anonymous said...

Always love your postings - love your humor, your skills and your positive outlook. Judy

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh I love your little bird! I too have "thing" for birds and whenever I see one that catches my eye (a little wood carving or statute, etc.) I just have to have it! It amazes me how they can survive amidst high winds, and cold, and hot weather, and no place to make a nest, etc. They must be real tough little survivors. I used to love to knit and made many many sweaters when I was in high school and in my 20's. Then I moved on to crochet and I loved the look and I always felt awkward knitting.. crochet, for me anyway, goes more smoothly. Seems like I mostly crochet during the winter months when I'm sitting in front of the TV in the evenings. I love your wood knitting needles! I bet the birdie has found another wonderful place to nest and enjoy all of the wonders in your home! Hope he shows up again soon. That picture is so pretty too. I need to get out my winter crochet projects.. I usually make table mats as gifts and coasters.. so it's time again. I love how it relaxes me. Take care! Marilyn

sandi s said...

I love your little scene!! I pick up birds to when I see one I really like. I have a couple of very old bird prints hanging on the wall that I really like and they were a gift many years ago. I like wood knitting needles to, just the feel of them in your hands can be comforting. Enjoy your day. Til next time. Hugs,

Julie Fukuda said...

Darling little bird. I don't think I could have seen that in aa shop and just walked out the door, leaving it behind. It may return to that setting annest in the warm knitting.

TinaTx said...

Cute little bird! I’m always fascinated watching people crochet and knit. I can’t do either. 😕 My great-grandmother could crochet with her eyes closed (but she couldn’t read a pattern!) Two of my nieces have taught themselves to crochet and one of them taught herself to knit too.
Have a great weekend!

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