Monday, January 17, 2022

Old Things Made Along the Way

 So, here's my story:

And, here are some things I have made along the way.  The "way" being years long.
I'm fond of these few things....none of them quilts, you will see.  I could have shown quilts, but my house doesn't have much to wall space to hang them, so it was just easier to show some small things.
This may be my favorite thing ever.  I do so love some embroidery...and I especially love the very old all white embroideries of days gone by.  The cloth on the end is one I found at the flea.  Immediately I knew I was going to try and reproduce it.  And, I did.  It's embroidered on linen with a beaded edge.

This is a pillow I stitched many years ago.  Redwork.  I remember I used two strands of, I think, DMC #816.  It doesn't take as long as you think.

Somehow I got into a habit of making pincushions.  I still love them and have LOTS of items to use to make many more.   I will....I may have to push harder but I have every intention of using a lot of this stuff up.

 This appliqued landscape I made for the old navy man.  He loved it...notice the power poles.  They weren't there at first, but he told me that barn would never have power if there were no power lines.
(He worked his whole adult life for the power company.)  I took his word for it, so managed to stitch a few power lines along the road.  There is even a transformer there.  It makes me smile still.

And this pincushion....I do love it so.  You've seen it many many times here.
It's very tactile...I just love holding it in my hand.  Several people have asked me how I could possibly stick pins in it.  I think that is hilarious as it has a million stitches holding it together. I actually don't use it as it was intended though.  Mostly I just look at it.

That basket.  I em embroidered that on a scrap of fabric, then didn't know what to do with.  I ran across some glass paperweights and knew that would be a good immediately put those two things together.  I've enjoyed having it.

 Another pincushion.  One of the Crazy Quilt things I felt compelled to make.  I may make some more here I have it in my head to fill a huge bowl I have with different pincushions and hearts.  We'll see.

This is a little book from Walmart's school supply section.  My kids are in their fifties, but every year I go to Walmart and buy some school supplies.  One year I picked up about half dozen of these.
I gave it a little artistic touch by covering it with a paper towel, then painting it, etc.  I write quotes in it.  There are never enough cute books to write quotes in if you ask me.


 This little 3" x 4" applique and embroidered bit of fun is another of my favorite things I've ever made.  What fun it was.  I still enjoy looking at it.........and, of course, it has been one of things that encouraged me to make LOTS of FRENCH KNOTS!!!

And, this little person.  Made her from a Japanese embroidered dinner napkin.  Except for her hair which I made from some hand-dyed fabrics.  She was so much fun to make.

And, I've saved this little pincushion for years.  It's barely two inches square.  Plain as can be.  I just never wanted to do anything to it as I thought it cute just as it was.  Don't really try to figure yourself out....just do the things you feel you want to do.  There really is nothing wrong with a plain pincushion, is there??

 So,there you are.  Many things you will find hanging around my house.  Hopefully....more will be forthcoming here shortly.  And that quilt I showed you a few weeks ago...I'd like to have it done by the end of 2022.   

Much goodness to come your way this year.......take care......pat ♥️

Stay safe and warm and have a happy heart


Bird Nest Cottage



Diana said...

Your treasures are lovely, Pat. Thank you so much for sharing.😊

http://thankfullga447 said...

All such lovely items made with love. I need to do more pincushions. Leaving for TX to babysit animals and see grandchildren. Bit nervous getting on plane but the kids don't mind. When I get back I have so much to do to organize. Take care. Time for me to put out your valentine pillow.

Judy in Central Texas said...

Love seeing the things you have made - old treasures are so dear, you do not have to worry about showing anything new...but...when you feel up to making something new we will love to see it too. Just seeing your blog with a current posting is great and wishing you fast recovery of use of your arm. Judy in Cent.Texas

Sheila said...

Hi Pat, I love seeing all your things, I love the pincushions. I made a couple recently. The embroidery is beautiful also. Hope you're doing well.

ellen said...

I just love seeing your treasures. Thanks for coming back. I missed you. I had found you about a year or so ago and spent hours reading your past posts. So much beauty and inspiration! I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself, just be you. Thanks, again!

TinaTx said...

You have made some lovely things - and you handwriting is beautiful!
Enjoy your week!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I love every little thing Pat! The appliqued landscape for your husband is just beautiful.. and the addition of the phone poles! made me smile too! And LOVE the little home sweet home pin cushion as the embroidery is so exquisite. I've never made a pin cushion in all my years of sewing! I love them so much, but feel if I made one, I wouldn't want to use it and stick pins in it! Each one is a little piece of art. I think the shelf you've placed your sweet things on is neat too.....looks like it is covered in fabric? Now that would be fun to make as I need another "what not" shelf. My mom had several and that's what she called them.. and that's what I call mine to this day. The girl carrying the basket is just previous too.. as is everything! I love looking at your treasures from days gone by... and will look forward to maybe the addition of one or two more? Please continue your recovery with stealth and determination! Hugs.... Marilyn

sandi s said...

Hi Pat, I apologize for not commenting on you most recent blog posts. I was so happy to see your name come up for email. I love all the beautiful items you have shared today. I have followed your blog way back when your husband was alive. I look forward to many shared pictures of your home. I love to make pincushions too. I’m doing a monthly embroidery project right now and I’m doing it in red thread. I love Redwork. Hugs,

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A Bit of Heaven
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