Sunday, February 17, 2019

Some Little Things from the Nest

 For today, just a few "little" things from the Nest.  

 The sweetest little basket...made in Germany.  So DEAR!

The tiniest Teddy Bear.....and a beautiful rose paperweight, leaning against an old architectural the color green, in perfectly chippy condition!

 A tiny pink heart pin....sitting there next to that little scrap of a heart waiting to be stitched in Satin Stitch.  (Yes, Jenny, it makes me think of you!)  And, an odd scrap of linen with pink crocheted trim.  I always save the least little snippet of needlework.  Both of those will be sewn in a piece of my work as time goes by.
This all sits atop a huge tray I covered with old book pages and behind it all, a heart canvas I bought from Tuesday Morning.  

Wishing you a lovely new week!

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day

When this you see....Remember Me.

I made this when my grandson, Tyler, was seven years old.
(Drawings of our actual hands.)
 He will be thirty-four this July.  
Time really flies!


until next time 
Bird Nest Cottage

Sunday, February 10, 2019

And, A Happy Valentine's Day to YOU

 For many years, I have included a heart in just about every project I have ever done, for it is the universal symbol of love and I'm all into that.  Seems an age ago, I stitched these hearts you see here and I'm still stitching them, though they are more difficult for me to do these days.  Vision being what it is and all.  I'll keep trying, I hope, to make them "from my heart."

 My sister gave me this Mary Englebreit girl....her message simple.  And, I've added a few of the hearts I've made over time to this photo.

 And, this pincushion one of my favorite things I've every sewn.  It's about three inches square.

 Back when I was teaching, I often kept an embroidery hoop filled with muslin and I'd use that to demonstrate how to make the stitches we would use in whatever project we were making.  I sometimes gave them away, but this one I kept. 

 Here's a tiny pincushion I made to go with a doll.  It's about an inch and a half squre.  With the heart simply outlined in backstitch.  FUN!

 And, here are some hearts....tiny ones, drawn quickly....and stitched at leisure.  I would call this 
"practice."  Do people do that any more?

  Notice the little drawn heart in the upper left.  Just to show you that the smallest piece of fabric never need go to waste.  I'll use that little heart on something, just you wait and see.

 And, more.  These may forever remain just as they are.  Reminders of things I used to do. 

 More or less.

 Notice on this piece, there are also circles.  More difficult than hearts, I think, but still possible.

 Just another look at it all.

By the way, I love this wonderful old quilt I simple, so gorgeous!! 

I was looking for some quotes today....hearts, Valentines, whatever.  And, I found this one.  Immediately, it has become one of my favorites.  So, I'll remember it this Valentine's Day because I think it might be true.

"The fact is that when you do something from your heart, you leave a Heart Print.."
Alice Walker


And, from my collection...a vintage German Valentine.  (Did you notice there is a tiny basket of flowers?)

Sending you best wishes for 
A Very Beautiful and Happy Valentine's Day!

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Tiny Teddy Bears for My Valentine's Day

 The other day I was in Hobby Lobby and ran across these tiny little Teddy Bears.  There were only two packages of them left...six in a package, so I got both of them....instantly thinking they were the cutest things ever and what could I do with them?  So, today, I had to come up with something for the blog and what's cuter in the month of February than tiny Teddy Bears (each with a heart) frolicking around in my bedroom/studio?    So, have a bit of fun as you look at these photos.  It seems to me that each bear has it's own expression although, really, they all have the same face.  Just TOO cute!!

 I plan on sharing more hearts here this I hope you enjoy them as we go through what I call February....HEART Month!  ❤️

(Notice there is a little basket shown in this post too.  More of those to come also.)

Until next time
Bird Nest Cottage 

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Other than the actual stitching of quilting, embroidery, beading and so forth...there is nothing more fun to me than finding all the things required to make them, then gathering them together in a basket, a box or a bowl, or on a platter, well, just any decorative item that would hold them, then display them around the house.
I find them to be beautiful and I look at them over and over.  Eventually, some of them are used to create my various projects and when they are...I enjoy them again in the stitching.

I've taken to wrapping DMC embroidery floss in pieces of fabrics...pre-selected for an as yet designed project.  It's FUN!

Just pick a color scheme and shop your house for any and all items calling your name that day.

You can tell from these photos exactly what kind of things I like to collect.  In the upper right square of this box, you can see a piece of knitting rolled up.  I knitted that with crochet cotton in one of my favorite colors....I don't really remember, but I think I used a size 1 or 2 knitting needle.  So tiny.
I've no idea what I will do with it, but it will tell me what it's supposed to be one of these days!

I've tons of buttons, just took a few from my collections to add to this cute little divided box made from yardsticks.  I love that blue one with a star.

 I loved these glass leaves....and clear glass buttons too.

 Here there are two crowns.  Hard to tell here.  I like to find them...reminds me that my daughter calls me 'the queen of everything."

 Here are two very old bodkins, given to me long ago, by my friend Jim.  I treasure them, of course.
And, who finds rayon seam binding labeled with their own last name?  

 A little pincushion made by my friend, Deb,  another treasure from the past.

 One roll of embroidery floss wrapped in fabric, one in a vintage dinner napkin.  And, an odd cotton thread wrapped in lace.

 Just seeing them makes me want to stitch something.  I'm trying very hard to get back to doing more of that....but the vision issues get keep getting in my way.  As it goes now, no stitching until afternoon and I've turned into a real 'night person.'  Isn't it always something?

 I've never been able to tat.  I have tried.  Over and over.  One instructor once told me to stick with what I know and quilt.   So, I buy tatting whenever I see it at the flea.
You can use it for a thousand things.

There's that piece of knitting again.  I just love it...not to even mention how much I LOVE Perle Cotton.  I once quilted two quilts with Size 12 Perle Cotton in black...Seriously, what fun that was!

 And, this house I call a 'cottage' is loaded with the kind of stuff shown here.

There are buttons and threads, fabrics and beads to make flowers and trees.  Really, whatever I please.
My cup does runneth over.

until next time,
Bird Nest Cottage


A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.