Saturday, October 18, 2014

My 70th Birthday Giveaway

Today, my 70th Birthday, has been a lovely day!  I heard from my children, siblings and friends and friends of my children I don't even know, along with a visit from my sweet friend, Kelley,  and Brenda, another Hall Monitor of the Universe.  Something she and I both share.  So, while I am another year was a happy day....bittersweet, but beautiful.   I will also have another birthday,  I guess you might say, as tomorrow I will spend the afternoon over at my daughter and son-in-law's house.  We will be making pizza and watching the Cowboy game.  Something a displaced Texan still likes to do.

As you see here....a reminder of the scarves and pin I am giving a reader of my blog.  As you recall, I like to give someone I don't know a gift on my birthday.  When I talked to my son in San Francisco this morning, I asked him to choose a number from the comments made on my Giveaway post, two posts back.  (A job the old navy man used to do for me.)  Scott gave me a number...and as it turns out, ERIN from Minnesota is the winner!  Maybe my scarf will help keep her warm this winter!  Erin, please send me your regular mailing address so I can ship your prize off to you....and I hope you enjoy it.

I think these photos are pretty good ones...taken on my iPhone.  I need to use it more often, it appears.
For those of you who didn't win...please know that I am grateful for your interest in my blog and I hope to offer a Giveaway again in the near future.  Thank all of you for acknowledging my return to blogland after an absence while I moved to a new home.  Your kind comments cheered me up considerably.

I'll post again as soon as I can and as always, I will appreciate your comments and emails.  Of course, you never know what I will be showing you and as it happens, I don't know what I'm doing until the minute I decide to post. 

  Y'all take care out there and until next time...take care!  ♥ pat

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn Leaves

I was born in Autumn and it has always been my very favorite season.  Now, why is that since I seem to suffer moods of melancholy the whole of the season?  I cannot be explained.  That's all there is to it. One of my favorite quotes is from Tallulah Bankhead.  She said, "No one can be like me...even I have trouble doing it."  Well, me too!

I'm always sad the leaves are falling...but glad they are so beautiful.  I went out the other day and found as many pretty ones as I could and brought them in.  Not many here this year.  In fact, the ones in these photos are not from this year.  The trees here this year are just not at all colorful.  Must be the weird weather we have had....or they are late changing, or something.  But, looking at these photos reminds me of Autumns past and I remember.  These trees are down at the end of the street I've just moved from.  And, these photos were taken two or three years ago.  Weren't they beautiful?

Not to be really depressing, at the moment, but to "just remember", I have to quote the lyrics from one of my very favorite songs.  The old navy man and I both loved it.  He could sing it and so could  
Nat King Cole.

Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

The falling leaves drift by the window
the autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
the sun-burned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I'll hear old winter's song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall.

Much Autumn Beauty to you!

 (And, remember to comment on my previous post to win a scarf!)

Until Saturday, October 18th, take care.  ♥ pat

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weaving in the Ends: An Autumn Giveaway

Every year for my birthday I like to have a Giveaway on my blog.  Well, I didn't last year, but you know life here last year was not conducive to thinking of that kind of thing.  This year, well, I think it's a good idea and hope to continue on with these Giveaways once in a while and especially on my birthday.

So, what to give?  That was the question.  Around about the time I was thinking of this...(the end of last week)... some of my friends and I had decided to have a daily Challenge.  Not being all that productive lately and wanting to share some enthusiasm, we decided that we each should hold a needle in our hands for at least a few minutes each day and we would then email each other with the results...thus spurring us on to be more creative and accomplish something, even a little bit at a time.   I suppose filing a report makes you want to be productive and creative.  While doing "my own little bit" with a needle turned out to be weaving in the yarn ends of the eight scarves I have knitted over most of the last year, it was work with a needle and no one said what kind of needle!  Without going into details about why I had eight unfinished scarves around, I did have them and it occurred to me that weaving in those ends would require holding a needle and so my first Challenge project would be to finish the scarves.  Weaving the yarn ends in took me two days, working in a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

After finishing this little job...another thought occurred to me.  I had knitted two scarves from the same yarn.  Why, I don't know...but there they were calling out to me....Autumn Giveaway!!  The yarn is in lovely colors for this season...why not?  So....I decided right then and there to give the winner one scarf....and also one to share with a friend.  I love it when a plan comes together!  I also rummaged through my "junk jewelry" and found a Leaf Pin and thought it would go great with the scarf.  So there we 2014 Birthday Giveaway!

Here one is all tied up with some terrific ribbon I also found in my stash.  It's really cool and thought it would look good with this yarn. you want to win it?  If so....please leave a comment on this blog post.  Also make sure I have a way to get in touch with you should you be the winner!  This coming Saturday, October 18th, is my 70th birthday.  I hope to present this Giveaway to one of you as my gift to me....a Happy Day for You

Pictured below are some of the scarves I finished.  A project completed.  That's a good feeling!!  I hope to post again in the middle of the week or thereabouts.  Something pretty.  Something that goes with the season.  Meantime....please comment, you might win!

Take care and til next time,   ♥ Pat 

A Test Post

Having technical difficulties....will post asap!  pat

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And the Moving is Over......

 After what seems to be an eternity...I can finally say I have moved into my new home.  My grandson came over today and helped me get the final few things I wanted added to the attic and it
 is done.  

Here you can see the new home of Bird Nest on the Ground.  It is just the perfect little place for me.  Of course, it does not have the lovely backyard studio, so I have had to be creative in where and how I have put all the million tons of 'stuff' I had in the Nest.  (Although I DID donate lots to local charities.) Ty summed it up pretty well when he said, "well, the whole house can be your studio now."  And, why not?  He calls it my 'doll house.'  Why, I don't know....but it's ok with me. it is.  #315.  My first thought when seeing the house number was "Oh, I will have to have my tea at 3:15 each afternoon."  Where did that thought come from?

Here is the garage.  Only reason I am making a point for you to see it is behind this door is where a lot of my studio stuff is.  And, there is still room to park the car.  You will see it one day soon.  It's ready to see...but I'm not ready to let you see....if that makes any sense.  


This is the view from my mailbox looking to the left.....

And, this is the view looking to the right.  This street is not a thru street, making it a very quiet place to live.  I am liking it a lot.  AND, guys come and do all the outdoor work.  They arrive, do it all and leave.  I was most surprised yesterday when they came to mow and such and when they were gone, there was not one leaf left.   Beautiful. 

So...for those of you who have asked....I have to say I am doing pretty well.  I have bad days and good days.  It's not simple.  It's not easy.  But, I'm doing my best because the old navy man would want me to be ok.    I have not sold my old house yet and that is worrisome at this point.  I'm trying not to think about it, but it pops in my head often and without warning.  Eventually, it will all work out.  I'm told.  

I have been reading favorites...there are a handful of them.  The writers of these blogs have no idea how much they have helped me the last months.  And, I appreciate them very much.  One of them is Colette Copeland.  She was widowed at a young age.  She works hard.  Her artwork is fun and colorful.  She posts a lot.  I admire that.  And, she often will say something that is quite meaningful to me.  As you know, I haven't posted in quite a while.  Not only was I working very hard...but I just couldn't decide what to say to you on the first post from my new home.  Then, the other day I was reading some of the posts in Colette's archive and knew I wanted to quote her in the first post from this new home.  I wrote to her and asked permission and she graciously gave me that permission.  You might want to check out her blog and her etsy shop too.  Here is the info (just click to visit):

Colette Copeland

And, here is her blog post of March 28, 2014.  It meant a lot to me as it pretty much explains how I feel....she just says it better:

"The landscape is pitiful right now.  The spring thaw is uncovering all the debris of winter trapped under layers of snow and ice.  Looking at it, I know it will bounce back and start to go green and warm.  It's a good example of resiliency.  I believe resiliency is part of the reason why I'm still here and still (relatively) sane.

This past season, more than any other, I've felt jaded and tired, at times discouraged by the state of affairs, of my life, the world at large.  They say that you get less resilient as you grow older.  Well, I've decided to disprove that.  I don't hide or disguise my jadedness; instead I examine it and do something about it.  I start by looking at what is working in my life, the people I care about, the work I love, and go from there.

Quietly, in my own way."

My feelings.  Expressed beautifully by a beautiful person I have never met.  THANK YOU, Colette!

I'll post again soon.  I'm going to challenge myself to do it.  THANK YOU, those of you have stayed around to see if I actually would!  Take care out there.....♥ Pat

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The NEST...and the Saga goes on....

This what is a studio begins to look like when you are moving.  My house is completely packed and at this point in time, nearly everything I own is at the new house.  So....time to begin on my NEST.
I have just begun....(those bags hold lots of fabric.)

As you can see it's a mess....only to be a larger mess before the weekend is over.    I have a very good feeling about the move, but realized yesterday that my cute new house will not begin to hold as much as I thought.  It was shocking.  The odd thing didn't worry me at all.  I must have reached a whole different level of consciousness or something.  My only thought was...well, I'll just be creative and work it all worries, and if needed more will find a new home.  It's all OK.  So, few words are needed concerning these photos...just some of the things being moved around and packed these days.  Where will I put my beloved green chalkboard?  Well, as it turns out, I decided to place it in my garage on the wall in front of my car.
That way, I can write inspiring quotes, things to do, reminder lists, and whatever else I imagine I want to write there. When I get in my car, there right in front of my eyes will be a reminder of what I need and where and when to get it.  Or, maybe just a cheerful thought.  And, it will greet me as I drive back into the garage...I thought it was a neat idea.  You?

Today, while over at the new place doing a few necessary things (just about everything is stacked in the garage and the living room, with several exceptions, such as beds and such)...I took a very good look around so as to imagine what I could do with all my stuff.   I have a lot ready for Habitat for Humanity.....they will pick it up tomorrow or a truck, which is what they will need.  Since I had mistakenly thought more would 'go' in the small bedrooms, one of which I was intending to use as a small studio (not going to work at all), giving things away has become an even more important thing to do.  I'm ok with it...just have to decide what goes and what stays.  This will take a while.
Those two rooms have lovely closets.  I am the only person in the, there are two bedroom closets waiting to be filled and organized with studio stuff. That will help.  There are two very large closets in the Master bedroom.....I'm not a fashion person, obviously, so need very little in the way of clothes, the largest closet being almost the size of a room...lots of organizing and arranging of my studio goodies in there will certainly help.    And, there are two closets here and there...aside from the linen closet, where more stuff can be organized.  I will set up my desk and sewing table in the Master Bedroom...roomy and able to be arranged in a pleasing way to sew in...I am quite sure.  And, being in this different 'level' of consciousness, or whatever you want to call the state I am in right now...I am thinking it will all work out just fine.  And, the really oddest thing....I don't seem to care as long as I can work somewhere and like the 'feel' of the place.  And, this I do!  (Can't wait to show you the pantry!  As you may remember, I have a rather large one here...but the new one is going to be just fabulous!!!  I'm almost more excited about it than the whole rest of the house.)

Daughter/Realtor Kelly, fixed up my little front porch for me and also the back patio.....they are so cute!
So...really, what could I possible have to be fussy's going to be just great.  AND, I will be purging lots of unnecessary stuff....I figure it's almost like losing weight.  Oh....that should be this easy!

This morning I had a long talk with AT&T.  Seems they like to put a kink in I'm posting now because I may not be able to until after August 1st.  Yes, I said, August 1st!!!  It couldn't possibly be that late in the year, could it???  Anyway, I will think of you and will plan on posting something about my new home asap.

I hope you all are well.....stay cool...til then, pat♥

By the for the name of my blog and studio..."the old navy man" gave my workspace that name years ago.  Wherever I live, wherever, whenever and however I work,  it will always be in a place called "Bird Nest on the Ground."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

THIS KITCHEN IS CLOSED......As The Saga Continues!

This kitchen is now closed!  Well, for the most part.  Still available...just enough food to keep me going for a bit.  We were supposed to close yesterday...but a there sometimes is.  Nothing serious though, so still going forward.  Almost through with the house...attacking the Nest later.  As I got all my mixer 'stuff' together I felt I needed to say a word about them....that little hand mixer (GE) was a wedding present, making it 48 years old.  It still works.  Imagine!  The Kitchen Aid, which I call "Architecture for the Kitchen," was a gift from my mother several years ago.  There's something interesting about the old with the new.  Worthy of noticing, I think.

 This is for fun.....I had this cute doll out on the porch of the Nest.  She got rather dirty sitting out there day after day, so I brought her in to spruce her up a bit before packing her away.  Seems they don't make clothes removable on dolls any her clothes were glued on in strategic spots.  I managed to get them off and put them to soak and plopped her down on the you see her.  Seems to me she is saying "What have you done?  Where are my clothes?"  In a rather agitated way.
Or, as my mother would say....she was being "prissy," which you shouldn't be, I was told.

See, you can tell she is not happy with this turn of events by the look on her face.  I think she is rather disgusted with the whole thing.  But, I know she will be feeling better with clean clothes and a brand new place to live.  (Yes, I do have an on-going dialogue with inanimate objects around my house.  Yes, I do talk to them, and sometimes they talk to me.  I also talk to myself.  I get the best answers to my questions when I do that.  Just saying.)

Then, there are the bird houses.  They will have a lovely home on my new patio.  I think they will like it there.  And, it won't be long til they find out.  It's getting down to the nitty-gritty part of moving....I am trying to be patient with lots left to do, but progress is being made.  I'll post at least one more time before I have to unplug my lovely computer for the move.   There may be a little time lapse, as I don't know how long it will take to get everything back up and running.  Perhaps not as long as I am imagining.  Anyway....I'll plan on at least one more post before the unplugging.  Meantime, you all take care. 

Until then, pat ♥

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
Right in My Backyard

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.