Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm Feeling the Color Pink Today

Well, actually, I'm feeling somewhat Blue today, but I don't want to give in to that feeling, so I took a look around and thought I'd rather spend some time thinking PINK.   It's one of my favorite colors.  Going round the house finding pink things to highlight is much more cheerful, so here is some of what I found to show you.

 Silk roses, a pink crocheted heart pincushion, various threads - some vintage, a calling card, a couple balls of crochet cotton....embellished, of course.  An old pincushion doll (more about her further down this post)  a vintage post card, scissors, vintage sewing tools, pieces of vintage jewelry, a watch, and one of my very favorite things...a vintage photo.  This stuff should get anyone like me out of a blue mood!

 Just take a good look!

 I'd love to make my own crocheted heart pincushion like this.  I should look for the instructions.

Old buttons, forgot to mention those.  Always on the hunt for them...seems I never get enough of looking for them!

 Bits of old jewelry.  It's always nice to add a bit of sparkle to whatever you are doing.  Well, IF you ask me.  And, I LOVE that calling card!

A plastic crochet hook...and then there are is a long and a short  bodkin...I'm not sure if they are early plastic or ivory.

 And, here she is....the pincushion doll.  Isn't she pretty.  (Love those old beads next to her face too!)
Now, she does have a story....

Here she is again...kinda peeking into the photo.   And, notice the two ladies in the old photo.  So Cute!

The old jewelry...that old watch 'em all!!  I think the small roses are made of paper.

I've saved several old watches I've found here and there.

There she is again.  Have you gotten attached to her yet?  I have, as you will see.

 Just another view of the bowl of goodies!!

A lovely collection of Pink!

A very close-up of the card and those little 'jewels.'

So, now here is the story of this lady.  She's fabulous!  I love her so much and have tried to take such good care of her....

 Doesn't she look special here?  Well, there was a little accident......I simply dropped her before the move.

And this is how she looks now.  I simply could not bring myself to throw her away.  

She looks so hopeful that all will go well.  The eternal optimist, I suppose.

And, if you place her 'just so'  with a bunch of other pretty stuff...well, one can still see how beautiful she is!  


 See...a little Pink can get you out of the "blues." 

While I'm on the subject of pink,  
 Next time,
I will continue with pink and show you some things I have made in that color. 
Until then,


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Remembering a Friend

Tom Russell
Extraordinary Quilt Artist

Passed away on January 18, 2015

I will never forget him

Those we love don't go away.
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Friend's Gift x 2

 I recently received two gifts - one from my friend Jim and one from a reader of my blog...also a friend, just one I have never met - Sandra.  Both gifts are amazing each in their own way. 

Let me begin with the gift from Jim.  He actually made this tote bag for me....I intend to carry knitting, or other projects in this great tote.  He also made sure it had plenty of pockets inside for all the little things I might need.  It's cool.  As you can see, it's made from a tapestry fabric and is quite roomy.

And, it says "Home Sweet Home."  Well, you know I like that!

 This tote is very special because Jim personalized it for me by burning designs in the wooden handles.  Flowers, of course, and then my name.  Who wouldn't like that?  

He also added my last name on the other handle....I like that...and this makes it very personal, indeed.

Leaving no space untouched, he also burned a little design on the inside of the handles.  Too cute!

 The second gift was sent to me by Sandra....we have exchanged many emails back and forth lately and I was surprised to receive REAL mail from her.  How sweet was that?  The "Gentle Art of Quiltmaking."  By Jane Brocket, published by C & T Publishing.  It is gorgeous!  The photography is quite beautiful and I love the styling of the various quilts, each in their own setting.

 This blue quilt is pictured on the cover...more about it inside. 

 My very favorite quilt in the book is a Log Cabin variation...actually, a Half Log Cabin.  It is named "Purple Rain."  While purple isn't my favorite color, this quilt is spectacular and the Log Cabin IS my favorite pieced quilt pattern of all, so I gravitated to this quilt in particular.  Delicious!!!!!

 I love the mix of fabrics in this quilt...I nearly always love quilts made of a mixture of prints and if they are mostly floral...well, there you are!!! 

 Aren't they just beautiful?

 Here is the back of the book....with peeks of what else might be in store for you to see. 

People can be so generous.  One, I have known for over twenty years, another, a very new acquaintance, each thinking of me at a time when they somehow knew I needed to be remembered.
 Thank you very much...Jim and Sandra, I am very grateful for your kindness.

Hope you all are keeping warm, safe and cozy!

Till we meet again, 

Friday, January 9, 2015

My 2015 Goal

Some folks make resolutions for the New Year....some have a 'word of the year' they plan to live by, some want to make some changes in their life, but aren't quite sure what they are or what to call them, some want to take off in a completely direction.  Me, I just want to have a year that isn't this little framed piece I found at the flea market struck a very strong note with me...I want to

That is my goal. I will do my best.

Until next time
stay safe, warm and cozy,

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Vintage Wish

A Vintage New Year Wish....yes... I know it says "Birthday Happiness."  So, I'm wishing my friend, Sherry, a Very Happy Birthday, even though I'm four days late.  While I wish her a happy birthday, after reading the verse on this vintage print, it came to me that this little greeting could also stand in for a Happy New Year Wish.  So, I'm going to wish Sherry and all of you, a Happy New Year, all in the same post.  May you all really have "good luck and happiness in 2015!"

This print is just the kind of thing I look for while hunting and gathering  in the flea markets.  I  wasn't aware that I wanted to collect these Buzza prints until I found this one.  I found another that is of the same era and style but it does not have the same name on it.  They are so dear, so very "old-fashioned," as they say.

 And, this verse...well, I would like for you (and me too!) this very kind of year....only I'd add a bit more....a year that doesn't go by so fast it's a blur!

 I'm thinking this basket would be a great model for an embroidered piece.....What would you say, Sherry?  Are we up for it?  It would certainly stand on it's on as an embroidery...but what about in one of your Crazy Quilt pieces?

 Even the little motifs toward the bottom are worthy of embroidery.  That is gold foil there....looks like hundreds of French Knots to me....I think I may be inspired by looking at these photos of this know, I can easily be led astray by beautiful vintage things....


Thought you might want the pertinent info at the bottom.  I actually found a photo of this one online.  Would love to find more in my flea market hunting sometime.

So, there you are....another wish for your New Year and a birthday wish for Sherry too! 
Til we meet again....

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And, a Very Happy New Year to YOU!!

 A quiet night is in store for me on this New Year's Eve.  And, that's alright by me.  I did want to wish you all a wonderful celebration on this night.....and 365 wonderful nights to come!  Naturally, I am thinking of the New Year and what it will bring.  Well, we don't know, do we?  So, let me just wish you all the very best tonight and in the days ahead.  I appreciate you all visiting me this year....your visits have "made my day' many, many times and you are greatly appreciated.  I couldn't think of a thing to post about except to send you good wishes....but since I've been thinking about our New Year and those pesky resolutions I don't like to's what I think I can try to do:

 In this new year....I think what I'd like to do is my very best."  To be the best person I possibly can. To be kind and generous, remembering that I am not the only person.  To be a busy person and to enjoy whatever I am busy doing.  To share what I have.  To create pretty things and share the enjoyment of the making of them.  I want to giveaway more this year.  I've said that a lot recently.  I want to write to a blog reader...from time to hand, the time consuming way.  Really, the most precious thing I have is my time.....I want to make the best of it, with friends, family and YOU!   With that in mind, I decided this evening, to share some pretty things I have made. I want to make this a habit!  I'm saying this to start the New Year off right and to let you know that this kind of 'work' is what I want to do more of, along with the sharing, so this is a taste of what you might see if you visit me in 2015:

 Handwriting on fabric, silk ribbon embroidery, some beading.  This pincushion is 6 inches square.

 Some applique, roses, some trees, and more beads.

 This is one of my favorite things I've created....

 As you can see, a lot of work for something four inches square.

 Tiny little applique house.  Not perfect, but dear.  The main part of the house is about an inch wide.

 Back stitch wording.  Fun.  Beading....also FUN!

 Home Sweet Home....Indeed!

 A little Crazy Quilt pincushion.  Also four inches square.  Loved making it!

 One of my very favorite things....HEARTS!    This teeny embroidered one is 1/4 inch wide.  I've always loved making these and stitch them on all kinds of creations.  I've been asked before, but never did do a tutorial on them.  Look for one in February!!  It will be my gift to you.

 Oh, yes, these would have to be a trademark of mine.  I want my New Year filled with these tiny stitched hearts!!  Giveaways?  Stay tuned!  Stay safe, warm and cozy this New Years Eve!!

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The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
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