Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friends, Stuff and an Anniversary

Well, today I am going to "catch you up" on some things going on in the Nest. I spent most of the day "puttering" around. You've heard me talk about that before. Sometimes I just get in the puttering mood and will not be satisfied until I've spent most of a day reorganizing and re-reorganizing. It's a sickness....isn't it?

But, now, my files are cleaned out, the work table is cleaned off, I've moved some furniture from here to there, found a lovely place to put my plates of "ingredients" so they won't be in the way and I can see them from across the room, the floors have been swept, and I feel better.

After all that, I knew I needed to post something decided to share with you some of the "good stuff" that has happend here lately.

1. I received a lovely package from Nicki in Massachusetts. Look at all this wonderful "stuff." (And, you, as well as I - love our STUFF.) Beautiful laces, silk fabric, buttons, a lovely beaded starfish, all to glorify my work. How lovely! And, a big thank you to Nicki!!! You can see what she does with this type of stuff at She can take some white lace and make it sing!

2. Today, I received envelope art from Sharon, my wonderful friend from Texas. She paints lovely faces, birds, castles and all things beautiful and I admire her work very much. One of the things she does BEAUTIFULLY, I might add, is to use paper napkins in her mixed media work. It's unbelievable what she can do with them. And, she sent me some! If you go to, you can see Sharon's work in all it's glory. So much fun! I thank her for the inspiration she gives us all! Visiting the birds with her is a lot of fun too!!!

3. My friend, Bibi, who lives in Searcy......loaned me this wonderful little crocheted basket. It's only 3 1/2 inches from top to bottom! Isn't it just the cutest thing ever? It was given to her in the 60's and she's had it all this time. I was talking about crocheting tiny baskets and next thing I knew she showed up here with this one for me to copy.....I haven't figured it out yet, but will certainly be trying to do just that. Isn't it fun to share with friends?

And, one of the biggest "happenings" around this house will be tomorrow when that old Navy man and I share our 43rd Anniversary!!! Who knew? It is a miracle we lasted this long....I know that's what some say...but we are tough old birds who stick together and as I always say....we have to stay together...he can't hear and I can't we depend on each other.
And, we pretty much have FUN doing it. So, Happy Anniversary, always have been and always will be my hero!

Now, you friends out there, enjoy your stuff and have a great day yourselves!!!! Take care, pat


TattingChic said...

Hi Pat! Happy Anniversary to you and your man! Congratulations! 43 years of marriage is something to be proud of. Your gifts are all so nice. I just got a stash of goodies, too! I'm showing them on my blog today, too. The envelope is very nice and that crocheted basket is darling!
Have a lovely day tomorrow! :)

Gaby Bee said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I think also 43 years of marriage is something to be proud of.
How fortunate! Congrats Pat!

Have a wonderful rest of this week!

Big hugs to you!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations on the anniversary Pat. Jerry and I are a couple of years ahead of you and we too wonder how we made it! We're both too stubborn to leave I tell him. :) blessings,marlene

Nicki Lee said...

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful that you have been together for so long - May you have 47 more happy years! I just celebrated 5 years and figure I'll be 99 by the time I hit 47! LOL!

Finally had time to catch up on reading your blog - oh I just love all the pictures of your gorgeous flowers and all the wonderful items you collect!

brenco1 said...

You and Richard are blessed to have each other. Many more years together is my wish for you.
Nicki really gave you some lovely things and I can't wait to see where you make them shine. Sharon's treasures are lovely as well and I know how she inspires you. Bibi's basket is lovely, how many can you make?

LDH said...

Happy Anniversary wishes being sent your way!

Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary! And Thank you for the shout out. You say the sweetest things.

Deb said...

Happy anniversary Pat. You and hubby 43 years is wonderful.

I wish you were closer so I could borrow you and your organizing talents. I am a compulsive procrastinator. I know it will only take a few minutes but I always find something else to do and I dearly need organizing.

Micah Holden said...

Hey Pat,
I think I finally have caught on to the blogging thing! I'm suddenly addicted! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary, congratulations!! 43 years is a reason to celebrate! xo, Micah

kellyvanhook said...

I LOVE this picture of you guys! Dad is ACTUALLY smiling!!! Love you much!

Willow Witch said...

Awwwww, you two are soooo cute, together, contrats to the happy, couple.....

Willow Witch said...

Awwwww, you two are soooo cute, together, contrats to the happy, couple.....

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