Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Four Hearts I've Just Made"

From time to time I have someone request a 'special order' for something they have seen that I have made. I have to explain that I prefer to never make two identical's a quirk that I happen to have. For instance, last year before our AWOL retreat, I was asked to make one of my special hearts for a friend's long-time friend' birthday to be given to her at the retreat. I did. When she received it...another friend requested TWO to give to her friends for their birthdays. When we had our workshop (Quilt Arkansas 2009) in September, I had one of those hearts to show in my class. FOUR students requested a heart each. OK, I said, but there's a lot on my plate, so it may take a good while for them to arrive at your door. (As you can see, they are definitely four hearts, but NOT identical...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

So, here's the four hearts. The first one is a red heart for Vivian. When I finished it, I sent her a photo via email for approval. She approved, sent a check and now has her heart. Word from her is she loves it. I am so glad. I tried to make it rather on the Victorian least in my own mind.

The second heart I made for my friend, Debbie, in Texas. Her favorite color is purple, but she requested a red one. The whole time I was making this one, I had to remind myself who it was she and purple are a team in my mind. She also received a photo for approval and she did. I still have hers, as we are both attending this year's AWOL retreat, at which time I will deliver it into her hands. I sure hope she likes it when she sees it 'in person.'

The third heart is for Chrickett. She requested the color fuchsia. Sometimes the colors of my blog photos don't look exactly like the real items, so this IS fuchsia. And, it was fun to make.
She approved and her heart was received yesterday. She said she couldn't take her eyes off of it and that makes me feel good. I'm sending her good wishes as she is facing back surgery.

Then, my friend Sharon, who is also a blogger, requested an orange heart. She has recently begun the task of turning her garage into a studio and so her heart will hang there, hopefully cheering her along as she quilts with her new long arm quilting machine. When I was nearly though with the heart, I got the idea of stitching the name of her blog on it, so emailed her to ask if that was ok. It was, so I can visit Sharon's blog - fiberdoodles here. She received a photo and approved the heart. In her words - "It looks so happy!" Well, I like that and hope she will spend countless happy hours in that new studio. She will be receiving hers at AWOL also...gosh, we're going to have fun out there!!!

Crazy quilted, button and bead embellished, hand-embroidered, made with love, I hope these pieces of my handwork bring my friends lots of pleasure....I know I spent many happy hours making them....just one of the things going on in this Nest of mine! Hope you enjoy them too!
Take care out there.....pat


Mayleen said...

Ooh, I like them all!


Oh Pat these are beautiful.

brenco1 said...

Great job on all of them and you are accomplishing so much. Keep it up.

Cheryl said...

These definitely have the "Pat" brand of distinction! Lovely.

fiberdoodles said...

Pat I am just tickeled beyond words! And boy won't Debbie and I have a great time "showing" and "telling" about our pin cushions at AWOL!!

I am so looking forward to spending countless hours in my new studio with my very lovely Pat Eaton pinchusion along with my others. They are very near and dear to my heart. They are special treasures made by a special lady and I will always feel your with me as I'm creating and doing fun quilty stuff. Thank you so much dear friend!!

Silver Surfer said...

lovely hearts makes me warm inside...

Maggie Ann said...

Oh man, are they beautiful! I've loved seeing them.

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