Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Little Bitty Pretty Things"

Today I want to show you three little bitty pretty things. Oh, yeah, I know "pretty" is in the eye of the beholder, so you may not find these things pretty at all. That's ok, you can just kindly step aside and let me visit with those who do find these little things pretty. I know you are out there!!

From the first photo, I bet you thought "Is this a little bitty thing?" I started out with a closeup photo of this tiny stitched basket on purpose. Isn't this basket a most wonderful thing! And, it's shown with the other two little bitty pretty things in the next photo...so here's the lowdown:

First the basket. I bought this at a flea market at least five or six years ago. The minute I laid eyes on it, it was mine! It's a locket. I thought I would incorporate it into a crazy quilt, but, to date, have not done it, as you can tell. It's just so pretty as it is. Maybe someday I'll give in. If I do, you will be the first to see what I do with it! (Isn't the detail amazing and it's only a bit over one inch wide!)

Then, there is the little crocheted pincushion. Another flea market find. I haven't washed this, but need to. When I found this dainty little 'pillow' or pincushion, whichever you prefer, I just knew I'd reproduce it, but you know about good intentions. So, it sits in a little glass case I have (along with the locket) waiting for me to do something with it and I just keep enjoying looking at it. Maybe I'll show you the little glass case next time....

Look at this little dish...isn't it sweet and beautiful! This was given to me by the same person that gave me all the blue beads and things I told you about a few posts back. She knows I also love old dishes..specially ones with roses...and this one is so SWEET and delicate. I love it!

Three little bitty pretty things....may be small and uninteresting to someone else....but they count for an awful lot in my book.....everytime I look at them, I go....."awww." How about you? take care out there, pat


Anne said...

All of your little bitty pretty things are indeed exquisite. I think it's quite fitting that you conveyed the scale of these diminutive items by placing them near your "sewing" gauge.

Thanks for sharing! Special things should belong to special people!


Cindy P said...

Hahah. That's EXACTLY what I said when I opened the email.


It's sure a good thing we don't shop at the same flea markets. I'd a arm wrestled you for that dish. I have a small oval bowl with roses like that.

Barbara C said...

Very pretty little treasures--the pin is just precious.

Francien said...

They sure are very little pretty things Pat...i too look at fleamarkets for those but they are very hard to find..seems there are many more people who love these...i love your little crocheted cusion..i just to make those and little chrocetted pouchbags...your post inspire me to look for my hook again..and how delicate is your locket..so beautiful made...and that dish...what can i say..you are a lucky girl!!
greetings Francien

Memaw's memories said...

These are all such cute little treasures. The pin cushion would be such a sweet thing to make for friends who sew or quilt. They are a hard bunch to find neat gifts for.

BrenWall61@gmail.com said...

I love your little bitty pretty things and glad you have them to share.

Gayle said...

That basket is remarkable...love your idea of sharing itty bitty pretties. :-)

Cynthia L. said...

I love all of your little bitty pretty things. How wonderful that you were able to find these "goodies" By the way - I lived in Wynne, Ark for 3 years. Love your site and your work!

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