Monday, February 15, 2010

"A Flea Market Find, Repurposed"

I have been finding and 'saving' various pieces of vintage dishes....sugar bowls, creamers, cups, etc., some damaged, some not, thinking I would make pincushions out of them...thus giving them a completely different life from what they've had before. Last year, you saw me do this with candlesticks. There are still candlesticks in the Nest waiting to be made into lovely new pincushions. You know how the collecting bug can be.

Then, last week, as I was reading some of my favorite blogs, I read that sometimes you should just stop and make something for yourself. Just because. You know how it is when you are reading several different blogs...I can't remember which one sugggested we do this, but I do remember thinking...oh, what FUN...something for ME! When you are making things for a variety of people, and with a deadline, sometimes you forget you'd like a little something too.

With that in mind, I looked through all my collected 'goodies.' Here you see some of them. Notice I said SOME. That cup with the bright pink roses is one of my favorites, so I decided that would be 'something for me.' I sat down with a piece of paper and made a little sketch of what I thought would look nice as pincushion embroidery and got to work.

I filled about the bottom third of the cup with sand, the rest with poly stuffing. I am currently crazy about Morning Glory Premium Polyester Fiberfill stuffing which I buy by the box at the local Walmart. For the fabric, I chose a small scrap of vintage dresser scarf fabric and marked a circle on it with a blue, washable pen. Then, I embroidered the stem, the leaves, and the little lazy daisy flowers, followed by random French Knots here and there. Then, I removed the blue ink by submerging the embroidery in warm water, pressing the excess out using a fluffy towel, and as I always do, ironing it dry. To do this, I place the embroidery face down on a couple layers of towels, and with a hot iron and no steam, I iron it dry. Most times I also place a piece of muslin over the embroidery as I iron. I also use this method with hand applique. This makes everything look just gorgeous and nice and smooth. Note: I do this when using cotton might not want to use that hot iron when using 'fancy fabrics.'

Using E6000 glue, I attached the fabric to the cup, holding it in place for a few minutes so it wouldn't come right back up. This was not the simplest thing to do, but it did work. After that, I stitched some trim around the fabric edge, almost covering the edge of the cup. My friend, Sherry, gave me that trim and I just love it. Next, I sewed in some lime green beads.....over and under the trim. That was easy and before I knew it....the project was done! Once you do the embroidery, the rest is quick and you have a finished pincushion!

I think it looks pretty cute! I'll be taking that to our guild retreat on the 26th. Guess I'll find out if it 'passes' inspection then. So, there we are....a vintage cup with a tiny hairline crack...too beautiful to throw here to cheer up my day! And, with a little more work, I could have those other dishes made into something similar. I should get to work on that idea. You know, no telling what I could get done out in this Nest if I didn't have to cook, clean, do laundry or SLEEP!!! Y'all take care and I'll be back Thursday night or Friday. pat


Stephanie said...

Wow, I love it!

Anne said...

"If it passes inspection?" Let me answer that question: It surpasses inspection!

Love the embroidery. Perfect match of thread colors and design motifs to the china. So maybe I would have thought about using the trim, but the beading adds your always-present, extra element of artistry to this piece.

Truly beautiful--and fully functional! Thanks for all the hints--the addition of sand for stability--your method for ironing to flatten the embroidery, the creative beadwork, etc.

Your are truly an inspiration, Pat!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What a gorgeous pincushion. I love it!! You are so talented. Great job. You are going to inspire me to make one. Love & blessings from NC!

Poppy Cottage said...

Simply stunning Pat! I thought of you today as I was out antiquing and looking for unusual treasures that would make wonderful pin cushions. You're contagious! lol

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Pat, I love creamers, teacups and just all the old dishes, have a weakness for them. I think your gift to yourself is beautiful and functional. Congratulations, most of us give our items away so the idea is a great one.
Keep Stitchen'

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

What a great idea! I have several pieces that I would love to use this way . . . I'm thinking I've got something to make real soon . . thanks for the idea.

laura may said...

how gorgeous!that pin cushion is so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

very pretty. makes me want to go try an make one.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Neat idea and so beautiful. Have a wonderful week.


Gayle said...

Thank you for the directions for this. This pin cushion is absolutely gorgeous!

Sherry said...

Oh, Pat! That is a truly beautiful work of art. The colors! Of course, you knew I'd love them. This looks like it should be sitting in a Victorian parlor. I'm glad you could use the trim but your lovely embroidery definitely deserves the limelight.

Sherry in Little Rock

Vivian said...

I really need to go out to the local flea market and find me some beautiful pieces to do this with. They are a work of art. I can't wait for it to get warm so I feel like getting out to shop and I can make some.

Janice said...

How beautiful! You are very creative with your stitching! I have several mis-match pieces having belonged to my mother. Maybe I will use one of them and make something for me one day! :o)
Blessings! Janice

Cindy said...

Wow, so beautiful! Just gorgeous!!! Your work is just amazing!

I'm doing another post on the blue pincushion you made me. It will be on my show and tell post later tonight...about 6:30 pm PST.

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