Friday, February 12, 2010

"Pioneer Road in Blue and White"

I must tell you this story. It happened just this morning. Well, actually, it started last night. I was out in the studio working on a 'special project' going to a new home on the 26th. I can't show it to you yet, as the recipient might 'see.' Wouldn't you know I ran out of beads. Actually, there are millions of beads in the Nest...I just ran out of the ones I needed. You know how it is. I know you know.

So, knowing there are no beads in this town...well, except for the ones I already own...I knew I would have to get up this morning and head to Little Rock to find that certain color needed. Well, we've had snow here. Because I am famous here for not being able to see a darn thing more than five feet from my body, my husband decided that I wasn't going to drive to LR, perhaps wrecking my precious PT cruiser, the only car I will ever own now that AIG has lost us much of our precious NestEgg. So, he, after all, being the man of the house, decided he would drive me to LR to visit Hobby Lobby and Michael's stores. Off we went.

This is what everything looked like when we left. Snow White and Sky Blue. Not bad, but I've sort of seen the white part now, so it can go. Here's my house in the snow, the Nest in the snow, my path to the back door, our backyard, and the snow as we drove down the street. And, it looked just about the same when we returned.

I had a conversation with a friend who lives in Alaska early this morning. Of course, I was whining about Searcy not having a place to buy beads...and all my most necessary items. She kindly (and correctly) reminded me that there are those who live much further than I do from those kinds of lovely shopping places....she being one, so maybe I was better off than I thought.
Well, she didn't say it like that, but you know what I mean. And, well, I WAS whining. She told me to go ahead and go get those beads...and perhaps because I had to drive ALL the way to LR, I might have some unexpected pleasure awaiting that I was not aware other words, just go get the beads and good things will happen, why, I might just find "the next big thing", who knows.

Guess what? No next big thing. No giant bargain. The same/old, same/old. But a wonderful thing DID happen. I took my current special project into Michael's with me so I could match beads to fabric. I shopped. I paid. I deposited my basket in the proper parking space like I always do. I returned to my car. As I was putting my little sacks in the car, I realized I DID NOT HAVE the special project!! Horrors, I have a multitude of hours involved in that piece and it's not for's for someone else. What to do? I ran back into the store! Well, actually, run is not a word you could associate with me...let's just say I walked very fast. No basket. So, I went up to the lady who checked me out and said..."Did someone happen to turn in a time-consuming piece of embroidery?" "Oh," she said....picking up my special project...."a woman brought this over to me saying it was much too important to have been left behind, so surely someone would be back in soon to get it." OMG!!! I was so relieved, you just don't know. Now, I mean, really, can you believe someone not only returned it, but SAID that? I just knew I had lost many hours of work all because I was careless. So, THANK YOU LADY OUT THERE...WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!! And, the checker also!!!

So, ok, we had to drive 40 minutes to go get beads. I'm so over it....and so very lucky there really are NICE people left in the world. Like that lady. Like the old navy man. Probably YOU are one of them too! take care, pat


Karen said...

So glad there was a wonderful lady looking out for you today!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the trip!

Brenda said...

I have the same problem, I have to drive close to 50 minutes one way to get to craft stores with the stuff! We have a little variety store but there it has very little and nothing that anyone is using right now.

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