Friday, February 5, 2010

"That Little Glass Case"

In my last post, I mentioned that I would show you the 'little glass case" my 'little bitty pretty things' are kept in. A year or so ago, during one of my flea market escapades, I found a wonderful little glass case which I thought would be a great place to store some of my smaller 'treasures.' I have a low chest of drawers in the entry and I could just see this little glass case there, so immediately set about choosing what should go in it. That was FUN.

I have told my daughter that she could have the chest of drawers if she wanted it. It belonged to my dad, so after my mom passed away and we had to clean out the house...the chest came home with me. I always knew I'd bring it home. Now, I live in a very small house and have way too much stuff in it and my daughter has a big house with not-so-much stuff in it. She's a minimalist. Go figure. But, she expressed an interest in the chest, so when she wants it, she can have it. I'm only telling you this because I figure one day soon I'll be looking for something else to put there because she has taken the chest and I'll post photos of another "new, old thing" that has taken it's place and you'll know that I just couldn't stand to have an empty spot there.

The little glass case is pretty neat, I think. So, I've gathered some of my favorite little things to put into it. On the top shelf are two rose needlebooks, one given to me by friend, Sherry, and I found the other one. There is a little pitcher, a bird pin given to me by Kay in Mountain View. I've shown you photos from her place before. She had that pin for 30 years then gave it to me...I love it! There is a rose pin given to me by friend, Jim...and a tiny frame with a photo of my grandson in it, taken when he was a toddler. He's going to be 25 this year!

On the middle shelf is a ceramic rose necklace...another flea market find...thought I use it somehow in a piece of my work...but as so often happens, I just enjoy looking at it! There are some old buttons, a tiny dish full of buttons and an odd rose off of something, I don't even remember where I got it. There's a pink heart pin there, too, but it isn't facing you in the photo.

On the bottom shelf is a little wooden doll from Germany given to me by my friend, Susan, whose daughter lives in Germany. When you have a friend who visits Germany, you sometimes get something pretty you'd never see here. There is a small vintage button and a 3 inch button which is covered with a vintage hankie monogramed with the letter E, for Eaton, of course! I am particularly fond of it, and 'just had to' purchase it at Quilt Festival in Houston one year. And, then, of course, there's the pretty little basket, crocheted pin cushion, and the little rose dish I talked about in the previous post.

All treasures. I like to stop there once in a while and enjoy looking at all this treasure. By the way, that guy in the middle photo...that's my dad, an old army picture...fitting, I suppose since the photo sits on his old chest of drawers. If he were here, today, to see this, he would be 100 years old. Knowing my dad, he would approve of all the little treasures I've collected here.
I like knowing that. Well, y'all stay warm and safe out there....see you soon. pat


台中 said...

wonderful ..................................................

parasols and maryjanes said...

I love these little snipits, little treasures that cause one to pause and study.

Barbara C said...

Your things are so lovingly displayed, it's particularly enjoyable to see them. The little hand that holds your cards is especially pretty--I keep my eye out for hands, but so far I've only collected one.

Debbie said...

Love your little glass case and the chest it sits on. Nice story. Debbie (Maine)

Maggie Ann said...

Lovely think, your friend had that pin 30 years and then gave it to you. Thats so special!

Jaybird said...

It is not POSSIBLE that you have a grandson that will be 25..........yikes, your kids aren't a day over 10!!!!! How in the world did I get so old so fast???????
Your case is lovely...that is my favorite kind of thing to look at. The next time you make a foray to the big state, let me know....I have another little case that I would love to send home with you!

Pat said...

Hey, Jaybird!!! Hope you are well and say hi to my sister...hopefully we will be able to 'go home' later in the year. Would love to talk 'glass cases' with you. take care, pat

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