Sunday, February 1, 2009

Green Alley Treasures

Twice in the last week I have gone "out and about." When I am leaving the house to do the regular shopping, I always tell Richard that I am going to the grocery store, or wherever. When I leave the house to go on one of my hunting and gathering expeditions (meaning I am need of therapy!) I always say I'm going "out and about." At first he had no idea what I meant, and didn't really care. Now, he knows it means two things - 1) I need a break, and 2) I'll be "dragging something else home" as he calls it. He has grown accustomed to these little expeditions, in fact, I think he now EXPECTS me to go on them. How fun is that?

Anyway, twice in the last week I have hunted and gathered! There are not a lot of hunting and gathering places here. And, not being one to drive far distances....I tend to be quite happy when I can go to my favorite flea market...Green Alley. Sometimes I go to the Goodwill store, but not often, as it tends to be quite short on things I want to find. I did go there last week and found the linen blouse included here. It's pretty and you know I can use that linen fabric to embroider on!!!!

Everything else in these photos came from Green Alley. I have two friends working there...Jessica is my "main therapist" and when she can't work, Melanie takes over, which makes her my substitute therapist. I love going there, as I do get therapy and also find some wonderful things to play with when I get back home. So, everything you see here is to play with.....I am so lucky.

There are some wonderful necklaces. You know I don't wear these...they will reappear in a new life on some embroidered heirloom item one of these days! There is a bit of a crocheted flower...meant to be finished...but not quite yet. I'll take care of that. There is a beautiful vintage embroidered table you know, I collect vintage embroidered baskets and/or the patterns for them.

There is a wonderful old dictionary. I love these as they always have illustrations that are cool. And, they just "feel" good.
There is also a beautiful journal. I thought this was a box when I first saw it, but upon closer inspection was overjoyed to find a journal. The pages are edged in gold leaf, very pretty. (My little Thursday art group is doing journal pages this next week!!)

There is a little pottery heart I have had a long time, but this week I filled it with small "bits' that came out of a jewelry box that Melanie brought in, and when she had taken out the jewelry, lots of little beads and that type of thing were left in the bottom of the box. She put them in a bag and saved them for me, knowing I would be happy to have them. Wasn't that a nice thing to do?

There is a wonderful and quite old lace table runner (it has a yellow flower running through it). It's beautiful. There is a length of crocheted came off a pillow case. I can never turn that kind of thing's so pretty. A piece of cutwork embroidery is there pretty. I just love all these old things, as I know lots of you do.

I also found what I thought was a cross-stitched tablecloth, unfinished. I couldn't believe anyone would leave this unfinished after so much work was done on it...well, unless they died! But, I bought it anyway and brought it home. Melanie and I wondered about it aloud several times, but I felt it needed to be rescued. When I brought it home, I studied it and found that it was unfinished for a reason. The person making it had begun the stitching in the wrong place on the square and when he or she got to a certain point....the design had no where to go but off the fabric. After all that work! So, you know what they say about cutting wood....measure twice, cut once! Well, the same applies for needlework projects. However, it's beautiful and I will think of something to do with it....maybe I'll tell you when I do.

Last, but certainly not biggest purchase! As I've mentioned here house is really FULL. So, more furniture is really out of the question. But, I saw this buffet and I was a goner!!! The problem is, I have a perfectly beautiful buffet in the dining room. Where would this go? Not to worry, I also have a dining table in the living room (don't would take too long to explain!!). And, there IS room for it. AND, I love anything with drawers and doors!!! One day soon I may take a picture of it in place and show you. This is something I will use and really can see that it isn't in perfect condition. Nothing in my house is and that's the way I like things. It's important for me to know my "stuff" has lived somewhere before and had an interesting life. Yeah, I'm kind of odd.

Ok, you see the results of the latest therapeutic hunting/gathering expedition and I have enjoyed showing you. In addition to Jessica and Melanie being my "therapists".....maybe YOU are too! Take care. Pat


Gone said...

Oh your therapists do a wonderful job in assisting you!!! I love the cabinet you got...and all the jewels...embroidery and other "pretties".



Judy said...

What wonderful therapists you have!! I think I need some therapy too but I've been trying to do some extra cleaning so sticking close to home. I am cleaning my bedroom and took out lots and lots of linens and took pictures. A lot of them were made by my grandmother so I'd never part with them. No wonder it take me so long to clean anything. By the time I arrange and take the pictures my day is done. I did get a lot accomplished though.

I love the jewelry and all your beautiful finds. The buffet is so beautiful. If you decide you don't have room for it, I'll try to find a spot!!

Unknown said...

Those are some fabulous treasures! I love 'em! Everything is just beautiful!
I'm also loving those newest additions to you Etsy shop in your previous post! Oh, if I were a rich gal I would buy you out! LOL! :)

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Pat; Oh my you have found so very pretty things. I love the buffet cabinet, just gorgeous. How fun it will be to find new ways to use all the pretties you bought. I hope you will show us some of them. Thank you for sharing.. I need to have a therapists.... lol


StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful buffet! I'm looking for something just like that....or very use in my sewing room. Great treasures you found. :) blessings, marlene

Jacky said...

What treasures... I am green with envy (Green Alley sounds a fabulous place!!!).
I love all the old lace and the dictionary and I'm with sideboards. Recently bought another one which I plan to use in the lounge room for my TV.
Really enjoyed this post and checking out all of your treasures.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful treasures from your recent excoursion - lucky you! I love the dresser, and can understand how you have to make room for it. said...

Just knew that buffet would eventually have a home with you and I am glad. The other finds were lovely and you know I was there in spirit. Can't wait to see where these treasures will go. Love your therepist

Gayle said...

That's it...I'm going "out and about" this morning. Those are marvelous finds. Love, love, love your posts.

Anonymous said...

I love all your finds, what treasures. Lucky you!
"Out and about" I have to start using that phrase, what a great phrase.
Have a nice tuesday!

Jackie said...

I think you and I were separated at birth! My house is full too and I see things I like and somehow fit it in. its hard to get rid of bits of furniture you love. My old sofa for example.

supplies overflowing! said...

I'd love to go "out and about". Green Alley sounds like a fun place to visit. Lovely treasures!

Anonymous said...


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Unknown said...

Gosh I think I need to find a therapist! What fabulous things you found, love the buffet, reminds me of one my grandma had. Can't wait to see what you do with all those pretty things.

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