Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New at My Etsy Shop

The other day I mentioned that I would be adding some new things to my etsy shop. About time, I must say. I have more or less ignored it for the last few months, but have made a decision to do better this year. As I have said before, I work very slowly and sometimes forget that this "etsy thing" is a "business."

A couple of posts earlier, I showed you my blue silk ribbon embroidered rose pincushion. It has been added to the shop. I've had lots of comments about it, so I will be very excited if someone decides it should come live with them. If not, well, I'll keep enjoying it myself. Of all the things I have made, I do believe my pincushions are some of my best work.

There is a new pillow in the shop. It is made from a lovely old-fashioned rose print fabric with a purchased Battenburg lace doily appliqued to it and on top of that is embroidered an original heart design done in silk ribbon. The whole thing was then beaded on the edge using rose and green glass beads. It's sweet. At least that is what people say when they see this kind of work. So, if you like "sweet"....check it out, please.

I have a black heart pin that I wear sometimes on special occasions. One time I walked into a little shop wearing it and the light hit it just right...making it sparkle. The shop owner, standing toward the back of the store saw it glitter in the light and said "You have a beautiful heart!" Well, you know me....I took it the wrong way and said "How do you know?" Of course, I had no idea he had seen my pin. We had a good laugh about it.

So, here is another black heart pin. (Not exactly like mine. I don't like making two things "just alike" so you'll never see two identical handmade items in my shop.) I'd like to think someone else will wear this one and be told they have a beautiful heart! This one has some vintage embellishments on it....all glass. The little dragonflies are beads in metal. The other embellishments...even the ones that look like metal...are glass. There is also the neatest black and silver ric-rac appliqued to it. And, because I love leaves and vines....there are some embroidered in silver metallic embroidery thread. The whole pin is beaded around the edge with black seed beads.

So, there you are. Three items in my shop. All having hearts....look for a couple more items later in February...hearts, well, I don't know yet. But embroidered, well, surely. Hope you enjoy having a look.....take care. pat ***An update: the pillow, Pretty in Pink SOLD overnight!


Elenka said...

You are an extremely talented embroiderer. (Is that even a word?) I just love your work. I am going to try and make a pincushion. The little one from a bottle cap, I think I found a link from your blog to a site that shows how to make the little pincushions. Who knows, you know how you can start on one blog and end up in the blogosphere eons away from where you started. Anyway, you are a great inspiration. Thanks.

Robin said...

Very pretty, Pat! I especially like the way you've used vintage nail head beads on the black heart!

Did I see that daughter commented on your previous post saying she liked the colors of the-nearly-thrift-store piece? That's so sweet!

Robin A.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

RATS! That pillow is beautiful.....

Anonymous said...

So beatiful embroiderer.
I'm so impressed!
hav a lovely weekend.

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