Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Visit and a Giveaway Winner!

As promised, here is a post almost immediately after delivering my son to the Little Rock airport to return to California. We had a wonderful visit......and a very busy week. I would like for him to be here more often when there isn't a houseful of other family.....there just is never enough 'private talk time' but it's also nice to see the extended family too. Anyway, I'm thankful to see him at all, so however it works is good. One day before I'm ancient, I'd like to visit him in California again.

I mentioned to you that I'd get him to choose a winner for my Christmas Giveaway.......and he chose.....Judy, number 22 on the comments list. I've sent her an email asking for her mailing address and will have her 'goodies' in the mail by Wednesday, provided I get the address before then. It was certainly nice to receive ALL the comments and I wish I could have given something to everyone...wouldn't that be FUN? I appreciate everyone who took the time to comment. I hope to do another one for Valentine's Day...and the way time will be very soon!

Here are some photos of the visit....favorite son, daughter (they are fifteen months apart in age), that old navy man, and the 'granddog' Trixie! I could have included photos of the whole shebang, but thought these were just right! All but one of these was taken today, just before we got into the car to drive to the airport. And, after a week of wonderful weather, just as we drove away from the began to pour down rain. Well, a good time was had by all and memories were made. We are thankful!!!

I'm taking another little day trip on Tuesday, so I'll probably post late Tuesday night...hope you'll visit!! Take care, pat


Judy said...

Hi Pat thank you so much. I just sent you my address and I'm patiently waiting for my mailman! So glad you enjoyed your weekend. Hugs!

Scott Eaton said...

Scott here: Just saying that I chose a number at random BEFORE looking at the webpage here. :-) Also, ignore the Thanksgiving chin I'm sporting, it'll be gone soon enough. ;-)

Pat said...

Mom to Scott: You did a fine job of choosing a person for my drawing, actually choosing a number for me, it turning out to be Judy. Thank you for doing that and not thinking it was silly. As for your chin.....who noticed are so darn cute!!!

Scott Eaton said...

Yes it was such a strain for me to not even get out of my chair to help.

Pat said...

Mom to Son (again): OK, you didn't have to get out of your chair to choose a number....but, you know what,you DID help and always do. You always validate what I do by understanding that it all means a lot to me...and that, my favorite son, is very helpful!!! Love you LOTs!

Maggie Ann said...

How precious family is!!! Glad you had a wonderful week. We did too, with our daughter and her hubby and our 2 little grandsons here.

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