Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in My Living Room

Well, here we are, Christmas is this coming Friday! Where did 2009 go? I can't believe the year is just about over and sorry to say, I didn't get everything done I had planned to do. Did you?

Amongst the lovely things I WISH I had was more energy and enthusiasm for decorating for the holiday season. This is always a difficult time of year for me and with no little kids around to make me laugh with all the cute things they say and decorating has become less and less every year.

I had almost talked myself into not doing any at all, then I realized that just wouldn't do, so I put up a small tree in my living room (and since taking these photos, have added a few other things to the scene). As you can see, I have a tiny living room (these photos were taken at night!) and there wouldn't be room for lots of decorating anyway. I like a cozy room. My daughter says my house is so cozy she can't stay awake in it. I think that means it's boring! However, it is what it is, so there you are.

Some of the ornaments on this tree were made by me out in the backyard studio. There are multiples of each. One is the little 'scene' Christmas cards with embroidery and some of that very popular glitter. I have two boxes of very old Christmas cards, so I chose the scenes I liked, printed them in color on muslin, then framed them with fabric strips embroidered with feather stitching, quilted them, then highlighted them with a touch of that glitter. I really like these.

Then, one year, my friend Tom sketched this leaf pattern. I really liked it, so he gave it to me and said I could use it in any way I wanted. I chose to make an ornament. I think I made a dozen of them...some of them on this little tree. They are hand embroidered.

And, then, notice who is under the tree....can you spot my cat, Ethel? Seems that is a very nice spot to take a nap whenever one feels the need. Yes, I'm glad I took the time and energy to put up my tiny's a positive thing and I hope you enjoyed 'seeing' my cozy room.....and from it I am wishing you and yours the most wonderful, happiest Christmas ever! Stay safe, warm and happy til we meet again (I'll probably post again next weekend!) A great, big hug to YOU! pat

PS. The strangest of things....I've inadvertantly added these photos twice....I've no clue how I did it or how to remove the fact, I thought I could only add five photos in a post.
Boy.....I guess in 2010 I need to learn more about blogging!!! Do enjoy your holiday!

D Y A, Thanks for your help....I can't believe how easy removing those photos're GREAT!!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, that looks beautiful!

About removing a picture from a post:
open the post in your 'dashboard' as if you want to change something (well, you do want to change something don't you? LOL)
I'm sorry, I don't know the english term (I'm only Dutch), but it's the tab next to: make a new message.
You'll get a list with all your messages. Open the one you want to delete some pictures from. ( click on : change or something that means that in front of the message)When you click on a picture, you'll get a small 'window-ish " rectangle just below the picture, with several posibilities, like center, to the right etc. The last is: remove. When you click there, the picture will be removed. Then you save the message and it should be OK.
If you have an older version, you can click on the picture and when it's 'selected' you click on the delete button on your keyboard.

I hope you can undrstand my explaination,

I wish you a very merry Christmas and thanks for your blog, I really enjoy reading it.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm glad I could help and that you understood what I meant :-))

Thearica said...

I wasnt going to decorate either but finally put my tablecoth on the breakfast table and put out the snowman my sister made for me several years ago. But I never did get to the tree. I dont have little ones either and my family lives 650 miles away in Alabama. We take it every other year about being with our families on Christmas Day and this year belongs to NC. We actually wont be going home until New Years this time. That is the latest I have ever had Christmas with my girls.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I sure understand about not putting up a tree. Well, I didn't and my kids came yesterday and it is all over here. I have a new little Fitz & Floyd ceramic tree here in my studio. I put out some Christmas table runners. That's. Well the huge wreath with poinsettas that is around the mounted dear head is still there from last year. I'm bad. But nobody comes to see me and I live in the country off the road a bit and it seems like a lot of trouble now that my kids time is so limited.
Well I didn't mean to go on. I wanted to tell you how clever those little ornaments witht he old card scenes are. The are beautiful.

FredaB said...

Your room does not look that small in the pictures. It does look very comfortable and cosy.
I too liked the ornament you made out of the old Christmas cards.
Great idea and I may try a few next year myself.
Have a wonderful Christmas and lok forward to seeing your next post.



Anne said...
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Cathy said...

It's absolutely beautiful and I love the glow of the lights! Merry Christmas!

Cathy ♥

Gayle said...

Thank you for inviting us in for a visit. Your home is so welcoming! :-)

Maggie Ann said...

How very special everything is. Thanks for letting me come by and enjoy a bit of your Christmas. =)

parasols and maryjanes said...

I'm so glad you brought the "scene" quilt. It is so much more beautiful in person than in the photo.What a fun, special time!! Your work is lovely and amazing.

makemeamemory said...

I really enjoyed meeting you at Carol's. One can never have too many partners in crime. Like your photos too, love Ethel asleep with the birdies. I especially like the card/ornies, if that's OCD, I wish I had it! Beautiful work.By the way, I've posted a pic on my facebook. Go to and search susan carnation leach and I should come up. My ebay store is Ink On My Hands and etsy is Make Me A Memory. One of these days I need to get all of this together! This is ADD and I wish I didn't have it lol!

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful post, Pat. Your living room looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these great pics!
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!
Hugs, Gaby said...

Merry Christmas and your tree is perfect. Sometimes less is more and that is good. Of course I still have the little ones so it is fun to decorate, but there will come a day when it will be a little tree too. If you find any of those little ceramic trees let me know

Christine said...

Pat, I think your room looks very inviting indeed, Ethel has good taste napping under your pretty tree. We've only just put up our tree too, with child proof ornaments with the new grandbabies visiting on Christmas Day. I have put up my 56 Santa figurines though, will photograph and put them on my blog later today. Merry Christmas to you and all your family, thanks for the online friendship again this year.

Julie Pishny said...

Pat - I have just spent a little time reading your blog, the family is off doing their own thing, hubby dozing on the couch, teenage son playing video games and daughter in the kitchen making cookies and me....reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your passion for needlework - it's lovely. Blessings to you on this Christmas day. xo Julie

Poppy Cottage said...

Merry Christmas Pat!

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