Thursday, December 10, 2009

"An Estate Sale Quilt and Three Laughing Birds"

The other day I got a call from my friend, Jessica. You've heard me talk about her before as she is my main 'therapist' at my favorite flea market..Green Alley. Among the many things she does is estate sales. She called to let me know she was preparing one and there 'might' be some things I'd like in it, so if I'd come over that day...I could have a look before the sale the next day. Well, that's all the encouragement I needed, so off I went. And, true to form, I bought SEVERAL things. I plan on showing these things in several different here is the first one...a quilt top!

This quilt was in one of the bedrooms....kind of folded up and almost underneath some lace yardage...I'll show the lace another time, as of course, it came home with me also. The quilt top looks like it was made in the 30's. What I loved about it was the embroidered animals in all the center hexagons...and then again all around the cute! The quilt is in pretty good shape, so this one would be a good candidate to actually hand quilt and all for the sum of $10!! (Well, only time will tell!)

I wanted to take a photo of the quilt on my 'working wall' in the Nest, but of late, I've had a big Log Cabin Quilt covering the whole thing, it requires a ladder to take down and I was just too lazy today to do, despite the 35 degree temps this afternoon....I hung the quilt top on my little outdoor clothesline on the Nest's front porch to take some photos. Well, how stupid is that with the cold wind blowing? So, I took what I could full a view as possible, then some closeups and then came inside.

There are all kinds of animals embroidered on this quilt....and some are repeated, even turned a different direction....but, oh so cute! Loved the two 'love birds' I've shown here on the border.
I did take one indoor photo of a corner of the quilt...looks lots better in this one, but I wouldn't have had an 'adventure' if I'd stayed in the house!

Three birds laughing. Now is that an odd statement? I just wanted to show you what my son brought to me over Thanksgiving....a nest with three birds....I think they are laughing!!! They are PUPPETS! Aren't they a riot? I got a big kick out of them...aren't you laughing too?

So, there you are....a wonderful, fun quilt...some laughing birds.....a good day!!! Y'all take care, pat


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

That quilt is so wonderful. There's that apple green border and the pinks, happy sweet colors.
The animals are charming too, and i sure like the way they are marching around the border
good score, Pat

parasols and maryjanes said...

What treasures!! Lucky girl!
I love estate sales and go whenever I can. And those birds--so funny.
Carol said...

What a wonderful find at an estate sale. Inspires me to start going again and finding treasures. Can't wait to see the other finds. I agree the little animals are so endearing to the quilt.

Gayle said...

Oh my gosh, that quilt is wonderful!

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