Sunday, September 26, 2010

File Folders: Just for Inspiration

No, I haven't forgotten to post....have just been busy as can be with little to no results to show you. Do you have weeks like that? During the night last night, when I'm supposed to be sleeping, I was thinking of what to post about today. My brain works in mysterious ways, I guess we could I thought of my recent gift of a single file folder. A gift that has caught my imagination.

When we were all out at AWOL, my friend, Shannon gifted me with a file folder that I admired sitting on her table. I suppose she felt sympathy for each time I walked by her table...I had to stop and look again at that folder and sigh. I thought it breathtakingly gorgeous. Yeah, I'm a pushover for office supplies and this one being so gorgeous, I couldn't help myself. So, she said 'take it silly girl.' (By the way, Shannon also diagnosed a medical condition I have, for which I shall be eternally grateful. I'm sure it will help me many times during future retreats! Remember also, what happens at AWOL, stays at AWOL!)

Later, at home, I got on my computer and found the site to order some of these folders. Just in case I ever wanted MORE. It also turns out that I have been trying to make up my mind what colors of fabrics I would choose to make the sample for one of my classes at next September's "Quilt Arkansas!" I am making kits for this class and plan on finding the fabrics asap. While sitting at my eyes fell once again on that file folder. Well, look at the colors....they say FALL to me, and next September is the beginning of Fall - so instantly, I decided these would be the colors I would choose to find fabrics in for my sample and kits. Once again, I have been inspired by something unexpected that has just 'popped' into my life.

Thank you, Shannon, for that beautiful folder.....and for the inspiration! Now, if you are like me, and love this may find your own at BlueInk Studios. Click here to go there and inspire yourself! I ordered 24 for's that for acting on impulse. I plan on using them for my patterns and instructions for the kits. They come in a package of twelve for $16.00....and they are #FF-151, Butterfly Plate. There is a gorgeous selection of can choose your own favorite.

(By the way, the inside is gorgeous too, as you can see in the last photo!)
Hopefully, I'll post a little something in a couple of days or so.....will be thinking of you all. pat


Anonymous said...

Would it be bad to tell you to check out Tuesday Mornings? I don't have the butterfly folders but I do have the Tuscans and I got it at TMs. Also I have purchased the scalloped tissue there.
Never know what shows up there!

Pat said...

Anonymous, Not bad to tell me to check out TM, but I've already done that...was there on the 16th. Rather hit or miss, I guess that is what makes it an 'adventure' in shopping.
Thanks for the tip though...pat

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Pat I adore these file folders,
as soon as I get it up on the wall I'm going to send you a picture of butterfly wrapping paper I bought and framed. Yes!

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