Thursday, September 21, 2017

Birds and Roses

Birds and Roses.  Around this house, those words go together.  Somehow.  You can't avoid they are everywhere.  So, today, I am probably going over my photo limit (although friend, Sherry, says there are never too many photos).  You can decide for yourself.

So, fewer words today.  Just know that today these are the ones that begged for me to take their photos.  

 It seems I cannot ignore a beautiful vintage rose plate.  I've tried.  But, if the price is right, I always know it will come home with me.


Remember the Romeo and Juliet wedding dress?  Sandra sent me a very cute bird and for some reason it told me to perch it right on the mannequin's shoulder.  So cute.

 And, then, there was the inside of that little trunk! 

 A lamp my parents bought in Japan in the late 40's.  I've had it for years now.  And, those two little birds...a broken dish which I have not been able to throw out. 

 I love this sign....notice the name....J. Edward BIRD!!!

 And, this one, JUST BECAUSE.

 I LOVE this print!!!! ❤️

 My collection of Bird Books, bird rocks, bird feathers.

 I absolutely couldn't resist these two bird prints!!!

 Birds on tin.

 And this print.  It came from Kathy's have many of my recent finds.  

 Yes. WISH.  It might come true!

 Now, why is she here?  Well, because she was a real person...named BIRDIE.

 A beautiful teacup and saucer.  Indeed!

 Two mugs from Tuesday Morning.  

 Cutest bird Salt and Pepper shakers in a little nest.

 And, this one, nested in this big bowl of buttons for a while now.  

 And one made of tin.  

A stool covered in a delicious rose print.  I bought it that way...$12.  A few years ago.  

 Another's fabulous...and with roses all around.

 Love this hat with white roses!

 Bird made by my friend, Kay.  LOVE IT!

 This little bird from friend, Jim.

 I did this when we had the studio downtown.

 This little bird flew over here from Japan.  A surprise from my friend, Julie.

 He seems to love his perch!

 Roses, roses, roses.

 So, there we are, lots of birds and roses around Bird Nest cottage. 
Wishing you all the best. 

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time


Unknown said...

I love everything. One of my favorite great-aunts was called Aunt Birdie. In her case, it was short for Alberta.

sandi s said...

I love all your pictures!! I love roses and birds. You have such great things, I just love it. Hugs,

Growing Old Fast said...

I love all your things!! You should have tea parties at your house so we could all come and enjoy all your wonderful finds!! Thanks for making me smile today. Pam Gonzalez

Julie Fukuda said...

And above my bed, are two little birds that flew here from the states. My father was a rosarian and roses were what I grew up with. I do have a few vintage dishes too but they are not getting such beautiful settings.

Jaybird said...

Beautiful Ms. Pat!! Of course you already know that I love the birds! The hummers have come in full force this week..they fight and zip all around as if they know we will feed them until they can safely go south!!
Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful roses and birdies!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog,wow I love the dishes, roses and the birds. Vintage pictures what fun.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your home is like a museum of gorgeous vintage items. I could not mention which picture is my favorite. I have birds all over my home tucked here and there. I noticed the things you have cards and stickers stuck into. I don't know what they are called, but what a great way to recycle them to be useful. One more week and my house will be in Halloween mode!
xx, Carol

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