Thursday, September 14, 2017

Over the Door Storage for My Treasures

Today, for some reason, I thought I'd show you "some" of what I call my "over the door storage."  When you have filled your house with stuff...well, sometimes you have to be creative with ways to hold ALL your treasures.  Sometimes meaning ALWAYS.  One day, I just happened to think I had reached the max this place could hold, then I began to notice DOORS!  So, I drove to WallyWorld to see what I could find that would help.  By WallyWorld, I mean, as you know...Walmart.  Now, right down the street from me is a Walmart Neighborhood Market.  It's good when you need a couple things.  My daughter and I call it "Smallmart."  I prefer, really, to go to our local Walmart....on the other side of town, which we call it "Largemart."   So, that's where I went.

I was searching for something to store things in which might work with a door.  Boy, there's not much.  But, for $5 and change, I found these things we've always known about for the closet -
yes, shoe organizers, twenty-four pockets.  Naturally, I bought more than one.  I was sure I'd need them.

Later, when I set out to see just what I could do with them, well, I went a little crazy.  Without getting up out of this chair I'm sitting in so as to get an accurate count  - I believe I am now up to four doors holding stuff, sometimes on BOTH sides.  In my house, and also in the garage.

Handiest things EVER!

 So, here we are.....there are linens, lace, buttons, embroidery, baby bonnets, doll clothes, a lovely pillow holding Lavender, a special gift I received.  Tatting, crochet, bits and pieces, filled to the brim.
(By the way, this closet is in my bathroom.)

 A piece of beaded fabric given to me by a young neighbor...left from the making of her wedding dress...she was having a garage sale.  

 All kinds of fun stuff!

 One can never have enough embroidered baskets!

 The only thing I have tried and couldn't do was tatting.  I love finding it at the flea!!


 I've always loved doll clothes....probably more than the when I find some like these and the price is just right...well, they come home with me.  I don't actually have a lot of them, but some.  
Some is good.

 So, okay.  I know this would turn off a lot of folks.  Fortunately, I don't worry about is too short.  I cannot even tell you how handy these shoe organizers have become.  I almost hate to make this confession, but there is another one on the other side of this door.  You might NEVER guess what is in if you want to know....maybe I'll show you in my next post.  I might even show you the others too.  So, come visit again if you can stand it.

Wishing you all the best!

until next time


Patti said...

I love seeing all of the laces and treasures, You have the best eye for displaying your finds. I also love to find old tatting and when I do I imagine the person who made it. The last time I was at the AQS show in Paducah, in 2000, the Grace Episcopal church has a lace exhibit and there were displays and demos of bobbin lace and tatting. I remember one young man showing how to tatt, he did amazing work. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

Sherry said...

Treasures, indeed! You probably shouldn't have pointed out the tatting since, as you know, I can't tat either and I know where you live!!! I love tatting so much; it's so delicate! And I love this storage idea! You know I always need one more. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sherry in Little Rock

Catherine said...

What a great idea. You never know when a bit of lace or embroidered basket might be just the thing for a crazy patch. I too like treasures. It is the appreciation of all the work and time someone has invested to make something small and beautiful. I am off to a vintage and flea fair on Saturday morning where a stall holder has put a bag of 'bits' together for me. I can't wait to see what there is.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Great idea! I discovered this a few years ago..I think I originally bought it for shoes on my door, but eventually it moved to my craftroom (when I finally lived in a house that did have a craftroom! I store wrapping paper, ribbon and gift bags in it, plus odds and ends crafting stuff like clothes pins, paints, tools, leather scraps. I can see where it would be aaesome for lace. I definitely could easily fill 2 more, and I think hubby needs one in his computer/TV room. I just need more doors in my house! Marilyn in Oregon

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

For some reason this post brought to mind a lady I used to work with. We would go to a buffet for lunch where you can get one bowl and pack as much food in it as it will hold. You cannot imagine how tall she stacked that bowl! Yup, that's what I was thinking as I saw how much you packed into those shoe organizers, lol.

Have a great day. Much love to you.

Jaybird said...

I love those little pockets!! I have them on several doors...even inside the front door for stashing gloves, scarves and the occasional light bulb and vacuum cleaner attachment.......oops!!
Your items are much prettier...maybe I should take lessons :)
Hugs to you, and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Love it! Who cares but you, and you should be able to enjoy your collections. Much love and blessings, Marta Leggett

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