Friday, September 13, 2019

Another Quilt, Rescue the Perishing: A Bowtie

 A few weeks ago, I purchased this quilt at the flea market.  
As is nearly the case with each old quilt I find...there is need of repair involved.  
It makes sense...they are old, they have been used many times, often stored poorly and sometimes mistreated.  Because of those facts, I usually get them at a good price.  Good for me...and good for the quilt as I will try to repair it and 'make it all better.'

 This one, A BOWTIE quilt, is in fairly good condition.  I've just laundered it...something that in itself can be time consuming....but does the quilt a world of good.

 There are few places on the quilt that need replacing, but only one other as bad as this one...the original square of dark fabric that was sewn there is, at this point, nothing but a memory, so that will have to be replaced.

 There are a couple of places where the seams have not only come unsewn, but have unraveled.  Don't know what I will do there...but I'll manage to fix it somehow.

 This one won't be too hard....just a little seam repair.

And, here's a hot mess....holes on the back of the quilt, but thankfully, the hole didn't go through to the front.
It, too, can be fixed.
All it takes is a little fabric and a pretty good amount of time.

While I don't see myself making more quilts....
I see no end to rescuing old quilts.
A labor of love, really. 

until next time
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A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
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