Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What Are You Making?

 In my blog post of March 20th,  I invited YOU to share with my readers something you have been working on or have made that you might want to share with us.  A couple of you responded.   First was my friend, Sherry.  And, then, Marilyn and Kay sent me some photos.  I am happy to share with you some of their work.

So, I will begin with Marilyn.

 I have never met Marilyn.  She is one of my blog readers living far away from me.  Like you and many others.  But she comments on my blog a lot and sometimes we email each other.  Just a little 'extra' conversation.  One of the wonders of the internet machine.  Marilyn makes all kinds of wonderful things and I've chosen from a selection of photos she sent.  She is also a thoughtful person giving many of her pieces to friends and relatives.   

I thought these items made from paper were particularly sweet along with several different cards.
 With Easter coming...the little paper baskets seem like a great little gift, filled with candy, eggs, etc.
Seems they would fit about any occasion made with a different choice in decorative paper.

 I loved this little card/book.
This would be more than a card...it's the whole gift if you ask me.



 This one a good choice for these days and times:  KEEP CALM
 We could all use encouragement in that direction.

"Bloom where you are planted," they say.

Thank you, Marilyn, for your lovely work.  You probably didn't know you were being so encouraging. 
Marilyn is one of those new friends you can make an old one out of.


 And, then, there is my friend, Kay.
I have known Kay for many years.  You may remember me mentioning her several times over the years.  Kay is a very kind and most generous person...always an inspiration to those of us around the state who know her personally.  She is very talented also.  I think she is one of the most talented people I have EVER met.  Just saying.  And, you just haven't had FUN if you haven't been on a 
Do-Dah Day with her  (and a couple other friends from Mountain View too!)

 So, I chose some of her photographs to share with you. 
She got this mirror last time I saw her at the flea market in Beebe.
It DIDN'T look like this.  In fact, I was surprised she took it home....but then, she performed her magic.  Totally redoing it....adding this photo and then making it look ancient!  Just what we love, OLD and worn by time and use.  Kay, it is wonderful!

 I gave Kay this special button.  I bought it at the Houston Quilt Festival long ago.  (Oh, I wish I had bought more!!)
Then, she added it to this heart pin.  Can you see that it is a tiny hand holding a white envelope with a tiny bluebird perched on it.  So dear.  What a combo!!!  So sweet and so old-fashioned.  Kay, it is dear!!!  

 Here it is with a different background.  LOVELY!

And, lastly, a little bird Kay appliqued to this remnant of a quilt.
I couldn't read the words there in this photo, but I know the gist of what she was saying.
At some point, I had told her about one of the English artists I admire.  Her name is Mandy Patullo.  She has a blog named Thread and Thrift.  I love what she does...like I love what Kay does.
I think Kay made this in tribute to Mandy and her work.  We both admire it so.

Thank you, Kay, for reminding me once again!
Many years ago, Kay told me of a quote she loved. And, I have loved it too:

Henry Van Dyke

So, once again, if you want me to share something you created....email a photo...I guess it's my blog's version of Show and Tell.

Wherever you may be this day
Bird Nest Cottage 


Sheila said...

Pat, everything is lovely. I especially love the pin with the button. So cute. Hope you are doing well.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I had forgotten I sent those photos to you already! Was fun to see them again! And Kay... she makes wonderful things from old things! I bet it's fun receiving what others have been making and creating (among your OWN creations)!! I took a little break from crafting and made some masks to donate to our local hospitals. I really should make more! Going to have a few super nice days, so I may have to go outside and do a little yard work! Have a good week! Marilyn

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