Tuesday, December 1, 2020

For A Little Bit of Inspiration

In my last post I talked about inspiration.  Specifically, that provided by studying another artist's work. That is one way of getting inspired.  Actually, you can find it anywhere if you really want to.  One way I find inspiration is to look at china patterns, both vintage and new.  They can certainly provide subject matter, designs, and color choices too.

In this instance, I have chosen a few pieces to inspire me in the designing and stitching of little houses. I chose these in particular as the size appealed to me and the simple little houses are just what I like to applique and embroider.  You don't have to make them identically to what you see here....but they can speak to you as your create your patterns.  You can add some of the existing things, such as trees, flowers, birds,fences, etc., or just in the general layout of how you might like your little scene to look.
Also, you can reduce or enlarge.  I'm kind of partial to very small patterns....but you should make yours suit your ability and personal taste.

Adding or subtracting elements so though you were inspired by the pieces, yours look nothing like the thing that inspired you in the first place.  They just gave you a place to start.

Here you can see a drawing I made of the house on that little vase.  But, what you don't see is the back of the vase.

It has a lone tree and if you want...you can make a lone tree too, or you can just add flowers around it for a different kind of scene.  And, there are dozens of ways to make the foliage on the trees for different looks.
I mentioned size....here is the same scene on the sugar bowl....two different sizes, from a different perspective.
Once again....add or subtract elements to suit your own taste.  And, think of how you will stitch the elements too.  For instance, I LOVE using French Knots to do some of the trees...making them into blooming fruit trees.  There is a multitude of methods to make yours different from others.

Just have fun with it.  Make a bunch of drawings, adding or subtracting...remember, it's YOUR work and you should feel free to be inspired by other things, but always putting your own touch on the work....so, notice everything...dishes, other needlework, photos in magazines, be open to visual suggestions...and "play."  It's only paper you are drawing on...not a permanent thing unless you want it to be.

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Julie Fukuda said...

My daughter asked me for a drawing of my favorite tree. Well, there is a beautiful tall ball-shaped Keiyaki (Zelkova) between my house and the next station. I have taken a picture in different seasons, but maybe the time has come to get out the pen. Is this my push of inspiration?

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

This was wonderful inspiration Pat! I never thought of doing that.... drawing from pictures I see on pottery, vases, plates, etc. I used to love to draw and drew all the time when I was a child. I loved copying the comics from the newspaper cartoons! I also drew faces from photographs which I did quite well.. but so many years later, I'm totally out of practice and rusty. Drawing takes alot of practice, for me anyway! Your renderings are beautiful.. and if you put them to stitchery, then wow.. they will be just awesome. You are so talented! xoxo Marilyn

TinaTx said...

Wonderful sketches! I can’t draw a stick figure! LOL

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