Friday, December 25, 2020

My Twig Christmas Tree

During a year when nothing seems to make sense, when stress never seems to let up, when fear is rampant, and insanity clearly right there in front of's now Christmas.  And, even that doesn't seem like any other one we have celebrated.  For instance, my children, my friends, and others have not been in my house most of this year....I live alone and that has had a more complete meaning this year.
ALONE.  So, having said all that....I decided that I would not put up a tree, or decorate in any other way.   

I've never been a big Christmas this idea didn't alarm me or made sense.
But, I did have a big container of twigs in the house.  I do gather them from the yard and have used them in bunches around the house, on the porch....and then there is that 'tree' by the fireplace, which has been in the house now for years.  I love those twigs/small branches. While thinking about having them always in the house, I decided that maybe it would be fun to at least decorate them for Christmas.
So I did.

 I had purchased some small glass ornaments from the flea and decided to use those, plus some birds I had also picked up there.  A couple ornaments my sister made for me and a beaded snowflake, a small bird in a nest, etc.  These are TALL twigs, and way over my head, so while trying to set up the flower bucket by partially filling it up with rocks, the whole thing slipped out of my hands, fell on my foot and broke some of the glass ornaments.  Everything went everywhere. And, my foot, although it doesn't really hurt, is black and very blue! So much for my bright ideas!  Anyway, I managed to clean it all up and redo it.....I did have to trim a bit off several of the twigs....but did manage to get it done.  While I had broken several of the glass ornaments, I replaced those with others.  While it could use a few more, I did decide I had done enough.



ellen said...

Merry Christmas to you! I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Things are going to be so much better soon. I enjoy your blog and appreciate your creativity. Thanks for the effort it must take to be a blogger. Bless you.

TinaTx said...

That is quite creative and festive! I wasn’t going to do as much this year but hubby kept pulling stuff out of storage so the whole house is decorated. This is the first time in 41 years we haven’t had any of our kids here for Christmas. My dad drove over and left our gifts on the porch. We waved at him through the door. Next year has to be better!
Merry Christmas!

Julie Fukuda said...

Not much decorating at my house either. I pulled out a manger scene made with my children with "junk art" stuff logn, long ago, and hung a tinsley string in my window to catch whatever sun that can make it through the tall surrounding houses. I'm still finding fake needles from my usual fake tree set up last year. And, also, in my case I am the only one to notice and the cleanup will be easier at the end of the year. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year.

sandi s said...

Merry Christmas! I like your twig tree, it’s very cute. I live alone also but I put up my two trees and limited decorations around the house. I love having the tree lights on and really enjoyed them this year. Hugs,

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Hi Pat... I love your twig tree! It's gorgeous in its very own way. My mom always put up a twig tree for different holidays, and hung little ornaments, whether for Christmas, or Valentine's Day, or Easter or 4th of July. I always loved it. I'm sure your tree brings much delight! I'm sorry you dropped it on your foot. Oh no! Hope it's OK! The bird and nest inside are so right for that sweet little tree! Hope you had a good Christmas.... I'm now looking forward to 2021 and hopefully better days, although 2020 did have some good moments too! Hugs.. Marilyn

http://thankfullga447 said...

Hello, I have missed you and your blogs are so beautiful and it is like you wrote me a letter. That is hi we met, I think you sent me a postcard. Happy New Year, blog friends have become my friends. My sister has stage 4 lung cancer so I only stay within my bubble. She lives in Vail, Co but I worry she might need me. I was in Vail for 3 weeks during the summer.

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