Saturday, January 1, 2022


Well, here we are...a new year.
I am happy that 2021 is over and we have another chance to do better now that we have reached 2022.
 Personally, I feel I pretty much wasted the last year.  Nothing seemed to be right...I lost focus, energy, the will to accomplish things, and most important to me....enthusiasm.  Then, there was also the fear.
It was the year I became old.  
Just to add to the craziness.....I fell and broke my right shoulder.
That gave me plenty of time to see just how far I had "fallen" in this little world I had made for myself.
I couldn't do anything...I am right handed.  I never knew how important a shoulder actually is.
During the last four months of the year, I realized I had to get over myself.
 Physical therapy made me also realize I might have a little trouble quilting and embroidering and writing and all the other things I had enjoyed up until 2021.
So, I've done a lot of thinking.

Last few years, if you've read my blog at all, you will remember that I have loved rescuing quilts.
It occurred to me that unless I put out some effort, my own unfinished work would have to be rescued by someone else. 
How sad would that be?

 So, I made the decision that I had to work harder at the therapy.  And, along with that, I needed to get back to writing to YOU.
Many times over the last eight years, you have given me a reason to do things.
Last year, I let you down.  So, this year, I'm going to try harder to include my work and my small audience back into Bird Nest Cottage.  I hope you will visit.
These photos are to show you this I started many years ago.  And, the first thing I believe I need to finish in 2022.
I brought it...and my frame and put it right in the middle of my living room.  I can't avoid it now.
And, later tonight, I plan on trying to actually quilt on it. 
And, you will find me posting more often.
See you in a week.
Have a
I'm wishing you a safe, warm, and happy heart in 2022





Scott Eaton said...

Very glad to see you posting again!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Love the quilt and so glad to hear from you. Sorry about your shoulder. I didn't quilt for a long while but I got my mojo back. A friend at independent care is moving and she let me have a suitcase of fabric for the church to make quilts. I get to sort and cut the fabric, that gives me joy. It is like a Christmas gift.

Cathy said...

Just now found your blog and I'm so glad you decided to continue posting...and quilting. I love everything about your house—so warm and cozy, with lots of interesting things to look at. And the quilt you're working on is absolutely beautiful! I'll have to go back and look at your past blogs. And I know the shoulder issues--had surgery on both my shoulders and being right-handed and an artist, the right shoulder recovery was the worst! Although I'm just 62, I think the "Rusty Years" is more appropriate than the "Golden Years"! :o). Take care and here's hoping 2022 is better for you and all the rest of us!

Sheila said...

I'm so glad you're back and hope your shoulder is improving, and also you're doing well. I've often thought about you when I was reading the other blogs I follow. The quilt looks lovely. said...

Glad you are determined to come back and complete some more of your beautiful work. Of course I didn't know you broke your shoulder but glad you are healing. Happy New Year!!!

Growing Old Fast said...

So happy to see your post!! I like you feel that 2021 was a loss!! I spent more time seeing doctor's and not getting the results I needed! Lost interest in all my crafts and just in general. Just finished 9 weeks of physical therapy and still don't feel "right" yet! A long road ahead. Hoping you have a wonderful 2022 and we get to see all your lovely things!! Take care.

Pat S. in Lebanon said...

Happy New Year and welcome back!
Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! The center of your living room is a great place to set up your hoop and remind you to work on it.
I spotted a dollhouse in the background of one of the pictures. I'd love to see a post about it and any furnishings you have put in it. I just "finished" building an Irish cottage dollhouse for my sister (60 yrs. old) and found it to be quite a challenge, but fun. Our grandparents and mother lived in the real deal so the dollhouse is in memory of them.
Doing some quilting should be good therapy for your shoulder, but don't overdo it.
Best wishes for 2022.

Kathy H said...

I’m glad you’re back. That quilt is beautiful and it will give you great joy to finish quilting it. I felt old this year too. Have tried to set some small goals for myself and work toward them. Happy new year.

Patti said...

Happy New Year! I am also glad that you are back posting. I have missed reading about your adventures. Sorry to read about your shoulder. The quilt you have in the hoop is beautiful and I hope you will share more pictures.

TinaTx said...

So good to see you posting again! I'm sorry about your shoulder. My dad had rotator cuff surgery in August and he is still working on getting full movement back. (he had physical therapy twice a week through mid-December)
The quilt is lovely. I hope you can finish it and show it off soon!
Happy New Year!

Judy in Central Texas said...

It's a great new year's gift to see your blog posted and know you are OK except for getting your shoulder back to working order and not so painful. Missed you and had just this morning made a new year resolution to see if could find an email address to see if you were ok - so thanks for letting us know. Your blog has been very lovely through the years -loved the pictures of your quilts and buttons and lace, and hearts in all different varieties, and birds and ......all of it. Best Wishes to you

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I'm so GLAD to see you are still here and plan on posting again. I really worried about you in 2021 and did email you a couple of times, but no response, so I was worried that something had happened to you! Well it did really.. with that fall.. not good and I bet it has been so hard. I had a hard enough time just having right hand surgery! I can't imagine an entire shoulder being out of commission. I'm so happy you got that quilt out.. I too, like you, need to lift myself up by my boot straps and get back to some health. I've let myself go this last year.. got Covid, so did my husbad, and he passed away from it back in September. Before then, I worked hard.. but that event, and my own illness, has really set me back but I have to get back on the horse as they say. I'll be so looking forward to hearing from you again and seeing the fun things that you do that will bring you joy. I hope you get your joy and enthusiasm back too! Take care.. hugs... Marilyn

Jackie C said...

I always look forward to the pictures of your treasures and how you display them, so was very happy to see your post come through. I was sad to hear about your injury, but glad to hear you’re on the mend and getting back to blogging and quilting. Stay healthy and post often…you make my day!!!

ellen said...

I'm so happy to see back! I always enjoyed your blog so much and have missed you. Here's to a happy and healthy New Year full of joy and inspiration.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have been thinking of you lately and am so glad to see your post. Though I keep up the quilting, my blogging mojo has not done well to survive the lockdowns and losses of blogging and family and friends. Though I am grateful for today's technology that keeps me in the loop with the kids, scouting, and church activities, I am weary of sitting for hours next to my laptop, and tend to shut it when meetings are over. Even Christmas and New Years, that used to be full of activity, ended up just "another day". I hope your shoulder heals quickly and look forward to more posts.

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