Monday, January 24, 2022

For Want of a Floral Vine

I don't know how to think or say anything anymore, without wanting to sketch or embroider.
Words just won't do.
But here are a couple of "projects" I have decided need my attention.
I bought this old print at the flea a couple of weeks ago. In the "back room" as we call it.
For $1.
I couldn't resist.  I can barely ever resist.
 I've been looking at it off and on wondering what I could do with it as my little brain instantly saw a vine all around the mat.  How would I do it?
  Well, will I do it?  I want to think so. 

I can't improve on the lovely   But, I could really have some fun and experiment with that mat.
Surely the girl would forgive me.
(I think if I really messed it up, I could just put in an new mat.)
Then....these hexagons....
I bought these, ($2), made into a pillow which was crying out to me to put it out of it's misery.
Needless to say, I unsewed the pillow, throwing the stuffing and the back away.  I not only loved the wear and tear on the hexagons, but the old fabric prints.  What would I have done differently?
Well....I wasn't there then, so I really wouldn't want to say, but I do know that now I would probably not have used the muslin, but even more of the lovely old print fabric.  And, I would have left off the blue.
  I do love it though, and hope to use these hexagons in a project or two.......just a small rescue project.

I hope to get better at answering email and comments.  Patience please...
See you next week.

Stay safe and warm and have a happy heart.
Bird Nest Cottage


Sheila said...

Hi Pat, That is such a cute little print. I think you're idea of a vine around the mat will look very nice. Look forward to seeing it.
Hope you're doing well. Take care.

Growing Old Fast said...

Hi Pat: I like the print of the young lady and a vine would definitely enhance it! I agree with you about the blue. but sometimes you can only use what you have. I have one quilt that was made by my grandmother and there's some fabrics in there that I would not have used for sure. But she had to "use" what they had. And I cherish that quilt dearly! Hope you're feeling better very soon. Take care, Pam Gonzalez

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Hi Pat, I missed this post somehow. My bad! I love the girl in the frame, and I think a vine around it would look beautiful. I would think of drawing one, but don't think I'm artistic enough for that! And love the hexi block/pillow. Hum.m.m. wonder what you will do with that? I see this post was the 24th, so will look for your post from the 30th. Sometimes I get notified and sometimes I don't! I hope your weekend went well. Hugs.. Marilyn

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