Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Begining Again....Happy New Year

Yes, I am back, hoping to post again after a year of being absent.
It was a test of a year to be honest and I'm pleased to be done with it.
Because I know you will want to ask...let me just say what happened, briefly and we won't talk about it again.  I began 2022 with a broken right shoulder.  Later, I went through a total knee replacement on my right knee.  While trying to deal with those two things, I had a fight with something called c-diff.
I was amazed to survive and worked as hard as I could to recover from it all.
I am still in recovery.  It seems these things take a while to get over...even after you do become functional again.  I am not full of energy, not driving,  and even more of a "hermit" than ever, but do want to be more like "myself" again.  So, my children have shamed me into beginning posting on this blog again.  It seems that several of you have found a way to get in touch with my daughter asking about me.  My children have pointed out to me that some of you are still interested in what I used to post and it isn't fair for me to leave you hanging in mid-air.  I hadn't thought of it that way.  In fact, I hardly have thought at all...sorry to say, and, they are right also to tell me it would be good for me to reconnect with my friends out there in "blogland." So, I'm posting.  Not sure how often...maybe  every couple of weeks or so....but I'm certainly going to try to show you what I'm into.  

Since I have no work to show you for the time I've been away, just thought I'd show you the latest thing
I have done......well, I bought this antique dresser last year and didn't bring it home until just recently.

Naturally, I went overboard loading it up with all kinds of my favorite finds.  Well, it did give me something fun to think about...and way over due. So, enjoy this glimpse into my version of "hoarding.


Wishing everyone a wonderful new year and thank you for visiting.  I'll see you again soon.

(For those who contacted my daughter...and you know who you are...Thank You so much.  Your concern gave me a push to "get over it" and I needed to hear that.)

Until next time my friends,  stay safe and warm and have a happy heart.


 Bird Nest Cottage♥️


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I am glad to see you here posting. I had never heard of c diff until several years ago when I got it. I have asthma and had developed a serious chest infection. One round of antibiotics wasn't enough to clear it, so they gave me another, plus steroids to try and get the inflammation in my lungs down. After a while I was feeling so weak that I could barely move around. I had to go sit and rest at the grocery store. And then later that day the diarrhea started, and then I was passing blood. I ended up in the hospital quarantine ward where I was so sick. They made me drink that prep stuff for a colonoscopy. By then the bleeding had stopped and they didn't see anything. Drinking that pre colonoscopy prep medicine was so horrible when I was already so sick to my stomach. I was so very sick and weak. Finally I recovered from it. Ever since then I have to watch doctors like a hawk when they prescribe antibiotics for me. Invariably they always pick antibioticss that are among the ones most likely to cause c diff. I have to correct them and tell them that if a certain antibiotic I usually take will work for what I have, I need to use that one, because it is one of the ones that is less likely to cause c diff. Always remind your doctor that you have had c diff and sure don't want it again when they go to prescribe antibiotics for you.

May your New Year bring good health, strength, and happiness. Take care. Happy New Year.

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, so very happy to see you back! I hope this year will be better than last. I thought of you as I removed the dust bunnies at the head of my sleeping floor to make room for the rabbit year, The little birds still smile down on me as I wake and go off to sleep. Your collections are so much prettier than mine and I thank you for the joy those pictures bring.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

So glad to see you back. Wishing you much happiness in this new year and a smoother road to good health!

Unknown said...

Welcome back, dear friend! I'm looking forward to every post and picture! And I'm hoping for a healthier, happier, more creative and productive year for all of us.

Sherry in Little Rock

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to hear from you. I hope you continue to heal and you are able to do the things that bring you happiness. I have always found you to be inspiring.

Take are,

Patti said...

Hi Pat. I agree that it is wonderful to hear from you. I also agree that 2022 was a rough year and I am looking forward to a new start in 2023. Sorry to read about what you have gone through, but glad that you are healing. After going through 2022, I am questioning what to do next. Trying to immerse myself in what makes me happy, and am trying to get back some of my happiness. Looking forward to reading your blog again.

Sandy K said...

You have been through so much! Glad you're back to blogging. Here's to a New and Better Year!

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