Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is almost here....and today I decided to hang my grandson's Christmas quilt in the living room....he will enjoy seeing it. No, he doesn't have it at his house....yet. I'm sure it will make it's way to his home in the near future. I made this for him when he was six years old and I've shown it to you before. You might recall that he was six years old when I made this quilt and if you don't recall, don't feel bad...sometimes I have to sit down and think about it myself! (I've set the table for Christmas....a very casual setting as it's the only kind I know.....it will be fun to eat our Christmas Dinner and enjoy the memories this quilt brings.)

Ty always used to love watching me make things...especially quilts. When he was little, he called every piece of fabric a quilt. This one was made in secret so that when Christmas rolled around that year...he would be surprised. And, he was. And, so was I. I finished it right before the Christmas decorations were to go up, so I was anticipating a certain reaction from him when he first saw it. Boy, did I get one! The quilt was hanging over the sofa, so the minute he walked into the room, he saw the quilt. His little face just lit up and he said, "OH, Grandmother, you made a CAR!!!" All he could see was that little appliqued car!! All that work and he just sees that car.....but the look on his face was terrific and so I was very pleased. And, since I just put the quilt on the wall this a.m., I bet he does exactly the same thing when he comes over next...which will probably before Christmas Day. It will be nice to hear him talk about that car one more time!

So, there is that car....a little kid in his pajamas, a bunny on the bed (made by a friend of mine)a photo on the wall (made by another friend) a Christmas tree....which I notice needs a little repair after all these years, a bed, a wagon with our cat Ethel riding on it, and then, of course, Santa himself. It was fun to make!

Time goes so fast...Ty is twenty-five now and just married.....you can read about that a few blog posts back...but it seems like just yesterday I finished this little quilt and witnessed his really cute reaction to it. Such a great memory....and now there will be more.

I'll be posting again just before Christmas....meantime, enjoy all the holiday 'prep' and take care, pat


Amy said...

I love this quilt!!! So Charming! Did you come up with the pattern yourself?

Bonnie said...

I just love it. Merry Christmas.

Vivian said...

Love this little quilt.

Your posts are just as creative as your quilts.

Merry Christmas, my friend.

FredaB said...

Pat isn't that so typical of a child's re-action. His eyes saw the one thing and he was so excited.

I am sure as the years went on he saw all the other wonderful things and maybe someday he will have a little boy who will "only see the car".



vicki said...

How precious is the Christmas quilt - my goodness this is an heirloom! It looks beautiful hanging on your wall~~


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