Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Winter Birds" Pincushion

Earlier in the year, I was asked by my friend, Deb, to make a pincushion for her gift at her quilting group Christmas party. Her only requirement was to make one using lime green and 'another' color...whatever I wanted. Well, I like requirements like's always easier to actually make something when you like the colors. And, also, the pincushion did not have to be 'Christmasey.' OK, I thought....what will it be?

Sometimes when I'm trying to come up with an idea, some time spent looking through my fabrics, embroidery threads and beads makes an idea just pop into my head. Does that happen to you? So, I ran across this wonderful fabric I had purchased at Marshall's in Batesville on my last "out and about trip" with Sherry. (I actually want to make something else using this bird fabric one day....they are so cute!) The fabric is "Wild Wings" by Sam Timm, Springs Creative Products Group, CP32862 Scenic, 2009.) I wanted to keep the construction of the top on the simple side, so it's just three pieces of fabric stitched together, then embroidered. Actually, I wanted the leaf embroidery to stand out, yet 'go' with the bird scene.

The pincushion is 3 1/2" x 6 1/2." Hand embroidered.....using Stem Stitch, French Knots, my Meandering Stitch, Feather Stitch, and the leaves are done in Fly Stitch. Well, some are...the rest are appliqued, then embroidered with Back Stitch veins. The tiny heart on the back label is done in Satin Stitch.

As always, a beaded edging....lime green glass seed beads with larger round beads.....which I think look like very colorful, tiny Christmas balls! Very fun to use in this piece.

I enjoyed making this pincushion and I hope Deb enjoyed giving it away....I've heard from the recipient and she seems to really like it. I'm glad. This is my last pincushion for the year. There are a few more 'on my list' but not until after the new year is underway. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my pincushions this year and I will look forward to your comments as I progress along with more in the coming months. Of course, there are some other projects calling my name also. Hope you will visit and see what I am up to as time goes by. Meantime, please have a wonderful New Year's weekend and a very Happy New Year!!! Thank you, always, for stopping by to visit me. Hugs to you and take care, pat


Cathy H. said...

You're pincushions are just amazing!! I'm sure the recipient was thrilled to receive one.

Vivian said...

Absolutely love it. What do you use to stuff your pincushions?

Betty said...

It's lovely, too pretty to hide in a sewing box.

Vicki Boster said...

Unbelievable! This might be the most gorgeous thing that I have evervseen!

NickiLee said...

What a way to end you year - another beautiful pincushion and this one - a real beauty!

Thank you Pat for sharing with us all your talents and your love for life and all things pretty. I certianly am one that enjoys your blog and wish you nothing but lots of love, health and happiness in 2011! Happy New Year!

FredaB said...

The colors of the pincushion are so striking. I just fell in love with the bird fabric. I may just have to find that somewhere and get me a piece. It is so pretty I could just sit and look at it. I am sure the recipient just loved it. How could she not.

Thinking that fabric would make a lovely CQ cushion mixed with some solids. You can tell my mind is going.

Happy New Year to you.



PCovi said...

Woah! I can't believe all the work!
These are just so beautiful! I can't wait to scroll down and see more :)
Happy New Years!

Andrea said...

Happy New Year Pat! Thank you for the past year of inspiration. I don't know how you will be able to top this pincushion but I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Quiltgal said...

Your pincusions are a work of art. It is a good thing that you sign each one.

Cheryl said...

Hi. I stumbled upon your blog and saw your bird pincushions. They are adorable! I wish they were for sale. Gorgeous work!

Sandy said...

While running around blogland I came across you and I'm so glad I did. Your pincushions are so beautiful,just gorgeous! It takes talent to create such beauty, you certainly have talent. I am now a follower of you and I hope that you will come follow me and we can be new friends. Love your work. Mmmmmm xoso Sandy

Maggie Ann said...

Ohh it's beatiful and then some!

Thearica said...

Pat, this is so beautiful!

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